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  • Seth Chitwood

‘Luna, The Witch’ renewed for Season 3


Angelwood Pictures has officially renewed LUNA, THE WITCH for a third season. Filming for the third season began on August 22.

Season two was released recently on Amazon Prime on August 5.  The third season is predicted to premiere Fall 2022.

The magical digital series is created by Seth Chitwood. It stars Alexa Hartman, Avery Hatch, Wendy Hartman, Charlie Tacker and Karen Ann Martino. 

The entire cast is expected to return including Martino (who played Francine Kemp) who was absent for most of the prior season. The second season was directed by Paige Compton.

The series is about a young witch whose love spell goes wrong and now must turn to her mother and great-great-great grandmother for help. 


The second season involved Luna (Alexa Hartman) meeting a new witch (Avery Hatch) and having to decide between following her mother’s rules around magic or making up her own instead.

The second season also guest starred Berkley Pickell, Mary M. Fleming, Mary C. Ferrara, Kathy LaShay Berenson, Martine Assaf, Jeanne Lohnes and Pamela Jayne Morgan.

You can watch both season on Amazon Prime.

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