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Kimberly Mae leaving ‘Lungs’; Teddi Grace to replace her

It saddens us to report that unfortunately Kimberly Mae (Grace) will be leaving the journey web series Lungs at the end of the second season.

Mae has had a magnificent run in the first two seasons – but sadly could no longer continue due to “recent developments in her schedule and career path”. She was unavailable to film the third and fourth season of the web series.

Creator/Director Seth Chitwood said; “It was so much fun working with Kim. She’s a very talented young actress and will go very far in this industry. She started this project with me since Day 1. We spoke for a long time about this decision; and it was the right choice. But, it’s still really sad to see her go!”

“It was great working with her. I wish her the best.” Ellen Levenson (Saree) said about her co-star.

“It was really great working with Kim. It’s sad to see her go. I wish her the best of luck with everything” David Sackal (Daniel) also stated.

Despite Mae leaving the show, the role of Grace will still live on through the series. Teddi Grace will be replacing Mae.

Chitwood continues; “It was a mutual decision between Kim and I about finding a replacement. I felt like I couldn’t finish Grace’s story at the end of the second season. There was so much more to tell.”

“I want to thank you [Chitwood] so much for bringing me on board with Lungs. It has been a pleasure working with our team on this project” Mae said.

Teddi Grace completed filming for the third season last month.

“I think Teddi was a great addition to our cast. She has been doing a great job so far in the role. It’s extremely hard for any actress to come into a part that has already been created by someone and she’s been doing quite well with that challenge. We cannot wait to see what our audience thinks of her” Chitwood stated.

The upcoming season finale will also introduce a new character! Kimberley Miller will be joining the cast in the role of Cleopatra. She and Saree will be starting a new journey together in the finale. There will also be a shocking cliffhanger for Lungs fans in the final few minutes. Make sure to also watch the special Season Three promo afterwards.

The Season Two Finale of Lungs (and final episode for Mae) will air on Sunday, July 20th at 8:00pm EST. The third season will premiere in October.

Teddi Grace in the role of Grace in the third season of Lungs.

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