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Karen Ann Martino crowned the Exquisite Queen

Family Problems’ alum Karen Ann Martino was crowned your new America’s Miss Pageant Exquisite Queen today. 

Martino is known in the Angelwood Pictures’ world for her roles in Family Problems (Mother Turner), The Girl in the Attic (Meredith), amongst more. She won the 2017 LA Web Series Festival Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress and the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her Family Problems role.

This weekend, Martino took part in the America’s Miss Pageant competition at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The pageant is a scholarship pageant organization for women and girls of all ages created to refine life skills & build self esteem – Martino’s title is geared for women ages 50+.

“It feel amazing. I had to compete amongst highly experience pageant people and won just on being me,” Martino said, “You just had to be yourself, natural; that is all I could rely on. That is what helped me win. In the end, to win by being myself felt really good.”

Martino’s platform was geared to helping people her age live out their dreams and pursue their passions. “Lots of people start shutting down as young as forty, and don’t feel capable of dreaming big. So, I encourage people to just laugh at themselves, enjoy life, and not to stress out so much,” Martino added.

She performed a song she wrote called “Love Berry” as her talent. It was dedicated to all children – especially the ones who need more love.

“I want to thank everyone!” Martino said. “You have to thank everyone really. It’s such a great group of people. Everyone has your back, as I have all of them. That’s what it’s all about. If anyone else won, I would be rooting for them and be just as happy. We really bonded this weekend.”

She also thanks Charlie Alejandro for getting her involved in the pageant. “Without her support and assistance, I never would have gotten this far. I thank her for that,” Martino added.

Alejandro is no stranger to the pageant. She was crowned “America’s Miss Pageant Exemplar Queen 2016″. She was also “Ms Today’s International Women PA 2015″ and “Ms Angelic Beauties Elegant 2014″ amongst many other titles. She was also crowed “America’s Miss Legacy Queen 2017″ today. She is also no stranger to Angelwood Pictures appearing in Testing, Family Problems, and World’s Worst Director – she also is the founder of the production company Beantown Statie Production Company.

“I feel that Karen is one of the most amazing, creative, talented, unbelievable women I’ve ever met and I’m so proud of her,” Alejandro said.

Martino also wanted to thank her daughter, Kim, for driving her there and having a great time with her over the weekend.

She was not the only Massachusetts resident to receive a crown. Carrie Wu was crowned the America’s Miss Pageant Exemplar and Delene Louf was crowned America’s Miss Pageant Ambassador Queen 2018. Congratulations to everyone!

Martino will be appearing as Helen in the upcoming Angelwood Pictures’ and Shoot the Moon Films’ film Eyes. She also will be guest starring on the second season of Testing and appearing in other Indie films such as “A Daisy For Rose” and “The Holiday to Remember”. Check out all her work on

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