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  • Seth Chitwood

Judith Maloney & Maureen Vlaco join ‘Testing: The Series’

The SEASON ONE finale of Testing: The Series had quite the surprise twist ending. However, it also introduced some new faces for season two. The trailer teased two additional cast members, Judith Maloney and Maureen Vlaco.

We don’t know who Maloney will be playing. However, Vlaco called herself “The Godmother”. 

Vlaco has appeared in other Angelwood Pictures’ productions such as Red Circles and World’s Worst Director. Maloney will be appearing in the upcoming web series The Girl in the Attic.


Film credits include: Code 13: Unreadable, La Maison Royale, Strange Perception, Guardian Angel, The Ill Will, This Time Each Year, Between Us, The Basement, The Gift of Fate, Acceptance, Holiday Spirit, The Carving, The Folklorist, The Shadows, Needless Wait, and Fairhaven.


Film credits include: The Folklorist, Chance, Healed, Don’t Let Go, Silence, back2one, Heart of Faith, iMistress, and Take My Keys. 

Testing: The Series stars Casey Grace Murtagh, Tony Ramos Wright, and Charlie Alejandro. The second season is scheduled to premiere Friday, February 24. The ENTIRE 7-Episode FIRST SEASON is available HERE.

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