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  • Seth Chitwood

Jenny Tyrrell & Michele Mortensen tapped to Star in “Limbo” Pilot

Jenny Tyrrell and Michele Mortensen have been cast to star in the upcoming Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company pilot “Limbo”.

The series is about Charlotte (Tyrrell) who had everything; the perfect life, friends, house, and job. After an unlucky accident, which leads to her death, she now serves a sentence as one of the lawyers for the “Limbo Judicial Committee”. Now, she must represent clients in a court to decide if they should go to heaven, hell, or get a second chance at life. Mortensen will play Helen, Charlotte’s mentor.

TYRRELL is currently playing the role of Nurse Fauna in the mystery horror series Testing. She also played the role of Agent Jetson in Code 13: Unreadable. She just filmed One and two episodes of Mystery at the Museum on the Travel Channel.

MORTENSEN is a writer on World’s Worst Director: Season 3. She also appeared in such films as Spin the Plate, Justice is Mind, and The House Across the Street. She is also a talented stand-up comedian.

The pilot was written by Seth Chitwood and Charlie Alejandro. It begins production in January. More casting announcements to come.

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