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  • Seth Chitwood

Introducing the EIGHT MALE PATIENTS of “Testing: The Series”

With the series premiere of the Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company horror mystery series only days away… we are excited to announced the official eight male patients that participate in the crazy and inhumane experiments featured in the upcoming web series; “Testing”.

Set in 1959, these eight patients are forced to partake in some pretty dark scenarios. Unknown to them exactly what the company is testing, they agree to be human test subjects for a $100,000 payout. But, there’s a catch, they are signing away all their rights! They are now property of the Moloch Corporation.

Already previously announced, Evan Crocker and Jared Contrada will play two of the eight patients. Here are the other six!

*MARK HAGGETT (Lucas): Film: The Purge 3, 6 Below, A Rough Day, Stab 7, Live By Night, Women in the Workplace, The Chronicles of Hope Man, And Then They Came,

*KEITH JENSEN (Nathan): Film: Pocketful of Posies, The Forger, Bjorn, TV: The Folklorist,

*CHRISTOPHER FISHER (Brian): Film: Dark Roast, Lost Hope, Night Train, TV: Over Easy Courthouse Cafe, Paragons, The Him Tooher Show

*JOSHUA GRAY (Samuel): Film: Calling in Demons, The Devil Knocks Twice, Smoke & Mirror’s, How to Hang A Witch

*JOEL-MICHAEL MARTIN (Perry): Film: Welcome to North College, No Later, Sucked Dry, The Last Poker Game, Table for Two, Theater: Almost Maine, Reality U,

*RICHARD WHITE (Liam): Film: The Dancer

The series premieres on Friday, October 28th at 9:00pm EST. The web series also star Casey Grace Murtagh and Charlie Alejandro. The series has kept the cast and content of the show a complete mystery. Look out for more information as there’s still much to come before the premiere.

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