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  • Seth Chitwood

Frank Czarnowski to guest star on Testing: The Series Midseason Finale

We get to meet the head of the Moloch Corporation in the opening scene of Friday’s MIDSEASON FINALE. The head commander, referred to as Sir, will be played by Code 13: Unreadable’s Frank Czarnowski.

Czarnowski will be playing Detective Gramps in the upcoming Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company production Code 13: Unreadable. He also had roles in Patriot’s Day, Maybe…Now, Against The Jab, Daedalus, Who’s On My Side, Temporary File, The Folklorist, and Angels Around Me. A 22-year long police officer, Czarnowski, is dedicated to his craft and gives outstanding performances.

The MIDSEASON FINALE of Testing: The Series will air THIS Friday at 9pm EST. Get caught up on the ENTIRE series here:

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