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FIRST LOOK – TESTING: “Season Four is Heart-Breaking”

Angelwood Pictures has released six new images for its upcoming fourth season of the horror series Testing: The Series which premieres all eight episodes on Friday, July 5. 


The series revolves around the dark clinical trials secretly being conducted within the walls of the infamous Moloch Corporation. Sir (Frank Czarnowski) runs the corrupt business and dodges scandal to keep the research and truth for these mysterious and bizarre trials that have taken the lives of several…and we mean several…patients (and staff). The upcoming fourth season is no exception. It’s even more tragically dark… it’s heart-breaking.

The creator, Seth Chitwood, comments:

“The fourth season will only add more to this dark mystery. It’s dark. Very dark. No one is safe. No one knows anything. And it’s just one big shocking twist after another. It’s an intense eight episodes. Prepare yourselves.”

The series also stars Dana Wine, Maureen Vlaco, Stephanie Eaton, Paul Noonan, Judith Maloney, Ralph Regine, and Theresa Chiasson and also features Ulisses Gonsalves, John Samela, Rob Floyd, Tim Dwyer, Scott Sederquist, Mary C. Ferrara, Heather Stapleton, LaNecia Edmonds, Devon Padley, and Isabella Leone.


The trailer was recently dropped on the official instagram page. You can watch it here. The new photos released only add to the mystery. It looks like new patients have checked in to Unit 23, the board has been called and surprisingly helmed by Nurse Melody (Judith Maloney), Sir is speaking to a clearly subdued Fred (Tim Dwyer), Lady Gilroy (Theresa Chiasson) has her eyes on another nurse, a first look at a new character (Agent Blake played by Paul Noonan), and Nemarissa (Stephanie Eaton) seems to be gripping that box tightly.

Binge watch the entire series before the fourth season premiere here

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