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  • Seth Chitwood

First Look Photos: “A Special Dinner”

Check out photos from the upcoming short film, A SPECIAL DINNER.

The comedy short is by Haley Pine who is also co-written and directed by Brendan Egan & Seth Chitwood. She also stars! This marks her fourth short film with the production company.

A Special Dinner is about Brooke (Haley Pine), who has been dating her boyfriend, Jacob (Charlie Tacker), for over a year. It’s now time to finally meet his judgmental fathers (Andre Boudreau, Paul Noonan). If they don’t approve, their relationship is doomed. Can she win them over?

Unbeknownst to Brooke, she has accidentally eaten a “special cookie” and when she discovers this… now must try to keep it cool …and did we mention, Jacob’s father is also a narcotics cop? Also starring: Emma Broomfield.

A SPECIAL DINNER is a story about the pressures of making a good first impression. Under the influence or not, it’s stressful to be your very best all the time. This is a comedy about a girl trying so hard to secure a future with her boyfriend, even if she can’t see straight.

The production is asking for support! It has made 80% of its budget, and needs help with post-production costs / festival entires! Consider making a donation on their indiegogo page HERE.

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