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Family Problems: “You can start with SEASON FOUR!”

Tonight is the SEASON FOUR PREMIERE of the Angelwood Pictures’ drama web series Family Problems. However, the entire series is getting a complete makeover. 

“It’ll be a little unrecognizable.” Creator Seth Chitwood said. 

All month long, Family Problems has been promoting the new season with the slogan “New Family. New Problems.” Which is exactly what fans will have in store during the premiere.

Almost half the cast for the first three seasons are not returning. Theresa Chiasson (Molly), Peter Morse (Henry), Sarah Alfano (Missy), Alex Dhima (Connor), and Sean McPherson (Adult Connor) all left the series at the end of the third season.

“The story ended for them. We wrapped up the Solloway Family in the season three finale.” Chitwood stated.

Now the main focus is on Detective Christina Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) and Detective Rebecca Ellison (Wendy Hartman). 

We find out more about their past and how they came to be arch-rivals. We find out more about Elliot’s past! Why is she so angry? What happened to her husband? And why does she have this vendetta about taking down Rebecca Ellison? Meanwhile, we learn about how Ellison came to be so powerful in the Boston North Police Department after she seeks guidance from a powerful Boston church.

The good news! If you are behind on Family Problems (or you haven’t started) you can begin the journey with the season four premiere. [However, we suggest you still look back at the first three seasons to truly have an appreciation and understanding of these character.]

With that being said: Spoilers Ahead!

The season premiere will fill you in on a few pieces of information you should know in case you are new to the series! In 2012, Ellison goes to a church to cope with the loss of her exboyfriend, Henry, who was murdered. In 2045, Elliot is currently being investigated as the prime suspect in Ellison’s murder  which occurred in the season three finale. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

“You could probably start with the Season Four premiere and be okay!” Chitwood explains, “Of course you may be a little confused about who these characters exactly are, but it’s a whole new mystery. It’s a new family.”

So, if you are putting off watching the SEASON FOUR premiere tonight because you’re behind on the series. Rest assured folks, you can start your “Family Problems experience” now! You can then go back and watch the other seasons later.

The SEASON PREMIERE is tonight at 9:00pm EST.

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