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FAMILY PROBLEMS: TWO Episode Premiere to feature infamous “Station Shootout”

TONIGHT is the season five premiere of Family Problems and features TWO episodes titled “Down” and “Up”. The plot revolves around the infamous police station shootout which was investigated during season four by Detective Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) which led to the death of her husband, Vincent (Rob Floyd). The entire two episodes will feature the shootout being investigated the next day by two IA Detectives (special guest stars JP Valenti & Alaina Gianci). 

The special two-part episode was directed by Seth Chitwood in association with CPG-CP Training (Charlie & Mel Alejandro). The group conducts training sessions for proper gun handling techniques, threat assessments, technical advisors, executive protection and private security. The flashback ‘shootout sequences’ was also filmed by Sean CarMichael (’Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler’).

The flashback sequences, which takes place completely at the police station, features Ellison (Wendy Hartman), Maretto (Charlie Alejandro), Edwards (Eddie Frateschi), and Grant (Susan Waletkus) trying to stop four gunmen from murdering anymore hostages and take back control of their station. Lin Hultgren (Wyatt) will also guest star.

Meanwhile, in present day, Detective Lockhart (Valenti) and Detective Pratt (Gianci) investigate the aftermath interviewing witnesses and working with a CSI Technician (Bradley Rhodes) and Medical Examiner (Maureen Vlaco).

Brendan Kenahan and Donnie Doroni play two out of the four gunmen. Christie Devine also plays an admin worker named Hannah. Jeremy Labrie,  Elle Doucette, Chris Tangredi, Connor Holden, and Danielle Morse also guest star. 

Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo, Mike Weiner, Ann Williams, Hayley Devine, and Doucette also appear in emotional video confessions to their loved ones while being held captive. Others cast members include: Johnson Sea, Peter Maynard, Steve Sumner, Harry Phan, Roy T. Chan, Aurora Grabill and Grace Curley.

The episode features violence and disturbing scenes that may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is strongly advised for both episodes.

Next week, the plot continues with Detective Elliot learning more about “the group” who is trying to take down the cult. Meanwhile, Father Hamblin (Tony Ramos Wright) learns from Ellison who she thinks may have killed Carrie (Sara Piche).

The SEASON PREMIERE starts TONIGHT at 9:00 PMEST. There are twelve episodes scheduled for the final season of the mystery drama. The series finale is scheduled for January 2016. To get caught up on the mystery, go to:

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