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  • Seth Chitwood

Family Problems’ Theresa Chiasson joins TESTING: THE SERIES

Testing: The Series just got a newest addition to its ranks. Family Problems’ alum Theresa Chiasson is a Moloch Company staff member you want to avoid. Chiasson will play LADY GILROY, a mysterious new character, who will lead the rest of the series when it returns on May 13. The series is also heading to a new time slot: Sundays at 8pm EST.

Theresa Chiasson returns to Angelwood Pictures after playing the lead role of Molly Solloway in Family Problems for three seasons. She received an Outstanding Leading Actress award at the 2014 LA Web Series Festival for her performance. She also appeared had guest appearances on Red Circles and World’s Worst Director. She also has an impressive set of theater credits, appearing in: Romeo & Juliet (Nurse), Scrooge: The Musical, On Golden Pond (Ethel Thayer), Enchanted April, Graceland (EMACT nominee, NE Regional Festival Excellence in Acting Award), Patience, The Heiress, Annie (Miss Hannigan), and Steel Magnolias. 

The series is about test patients trying to survive a mysterious trial through the Moloch Corporation. It also focuses on how the staff reacts to the different tests they are forced to activate and how the company dodges a major scandal to keep its secrets.

The series stars Dana Wine, Jennifer Patricia Tyrrell, Stephanie Eaton, Bradley Rhodes, Acei Martin, Frank Czarnwoski, Casey Grace Murtagh, Tony Ramos Wright, Evan Crocker, Judith Maloney, Jared Contrada, Joel-Michael Martin, and Maureen Vlaco.

Check out the mysterious teaser introducing her character HERE.

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