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Family Problems: Season Four News

Family Problems finally opens up about its upcoming fourth season! The series will premiere in late March 2015. The series, which is currently airing its final five episodes of season three, will have its season finale in November.

The fourth season will look very different featuring story lines around Detective Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) and Detective Ellison (Wendy Hartman). The third season also marks the end of the “Solloway Family” story. Theresa Chiasson (Molly), Peter Morse (Henry), Sarah Alfano (Missy), Sean McPherson (Adult Connor), and Alex Dhima (Connor), are amongst many cast members that are not returning for the new season.

“It will be very different. It has a very different feeling. We’re visiting places we’ve never gone before and have some incredible story lines.” Says creator Seth Chitwood.

Although Family Problems is still very “hush hush” about the exact content of the new season (they don’t want to spoil the final few episodes of the current season) it did reveal that a majority of the plot will take place in a church.

On November 6th, a season three episode entitled: “Church”; will give fans a sneak peek into next season. It features several new characters that are a large part of the upcoming season.

“We’re serving our audience a little sampler while still telling a backstory that is needed. It’s an episode featuring Young Elliot.” Chitwood mentions.

Family Problems said that it will announce more information after its November finale. However, Tony Ramos Wright has been cast as the new male lead and will appear in the Nov. 6 episode as Father Hamblin.

Other cast members announced were Sara Piche (Carrie), Jonathan Sartell (Dylan), and Karen Ann Martino (Mother Turner).

It was also announced (although she won’t be featured in the season three “church episode”) that Kathryn Shasha was cast as a principal in Season Four as a Federal Agent.

Family Problems currently airs Thursdays at 9:00pm EST. For more information visit

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