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Family Problems: “Season 5 will be the last”

Creator of Family Problems, Seth Chitwood, confirmed on an interview with Aspire TV that the fifth season of the mystery drama web series will be its last.


The series, which is currently almost halfway through its fourth season, stars Wendy Hartman, Natasha Hatalsky, Tony Ramos Wright, Kathryn Shasha, John Samela, Karen Ann Martino, and Susan Waletkus.

“Yes, the fifth season is the final season” Chitwood stated during the interview with host Jan Waldman.

The fifth season is almost finished with production and is scheduled to premiere in September.

“I feel like the entire story was wrapped up. There’s nothing more to tell. It was a fantastic experience, and I learned so much,” Chitwood later stated; “There is still so much to come. We have incredible performances from our cast. I think the audience will be intrigued with what’s ahead.”


Earlier this year, Family Problems won four 2015 LA Web Festival Awards for Outstanding Actress, two Supporting Actresses, and a Supporting Actor award. The series has also been weekly in the top 3 for “Best Series” on the Indie Series Network Poll of the Week. Hartman, Hatalsky, Samela, and Wright have also all be awarded the ‘number one’ acting spot.

Family Problems will also be celebrating its 50th Episode this season. Chitwood commented about it earlier this week.

Excited to share that the @FamilyProblems1 50th Episode will be titled "Love". It's a great episode full of spectacular performances. — Seth M. Chitwood (@WriterChitwood) April 25, 2015

The series airs every Thursday at 9:00pm EST.

Check out a section of the interview about the final season of Family Problems on Aspire TV.

You can check out the entire Aspire TV interview here:

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