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  • Seth Chitwood

Family Problems pushed to Nov. 5

You will have to wait a little longer for the season 5 premiere of Family Problems. The final season of the family mystery drama will premiere Thursday, November 5th at 9:00pm EST.

There is no reason behind the delay. Production is on schedule and the premiere will be exciting. Earlier this week, Family Problems announced it was casting eight more roles. The roles included a Young Mother Turner and other nun roles. It seems that there may be some Mother Turner (Karen Ann Martino) flashback scenes.

Angelwood Pictures also announced casting for background actors to participate in a shootout episode. Last season, Vincent Elliot (Rob Floyd) was murdered by a gunman (a part of a shootout that Christina Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) was investigating). It seems there will be more scenes featuring the ill-fated police station shootout, as well.

The series stars Natasha Hatalsky, Wendy Hartman, Tony Ramos Wright, Kathryn Shasha, John Samela, Jonathan Sartell, Charlie Alejandro, and Karen Ann Martino. Earlier this summer, Paula Dellatte (D.A. Waller) was bumped back to a series regular role.

Can’t wait for the new season? Look back or get caught up on all the episodes here:

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