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  • Seth Chitwood

Family Problems: Introducing Church THIS Thursday!

You don’t want to miss THIS week’s newest episode of Family Problems. The Thursday, November 16th episode titled “Church” will focus on Detective Elliot’s past and her connection to Carrie.

Earlier this season, Christina confided in D.A. Waller about how a photo on her desk of Carrie (a friend who vanished when she was in High School); is her motivation for being a cop.

Thursday’s episode will reveal the dark day during Elliot’s youth (special guest star Aingea Venuto). It will also introduce THREE new characters that have huge roles in the upcoming fourth season. Father Hamblin (Tony Ramos Wright), Mother Turner (Karen Ann Martino), and Dylan (Jonathan Sartell) all appear in this flashback episode. It will also feature Sarah Piche as Carrie. The episode will serve as a sneak peek into next season’s horrifyingly dark plot.

So, if you cannot wait until SEASON FOUR make sure to catch this special episode that will prepare you for the new season! Meanwhile, Family Problems has three episodes left until it’s crazy season finale. The new season will start in March 2015.

You can now watch the episode here:

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