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The new series about a family, who buries a body in the woods and then tries to move on with their life, will air twelve episodes starting February 17th.

THE BIG QUESTION about the show will be: “WHO IS THE KILLER?” No one will know who is the true murderer. It’s so secretive that the cast doesn’t even know.

But, that didn’t stop us from asking the cast who they thought the murderer was…

Earlier this month, we asked the cast of Family Problems to take a survey about the series. Here are the results and a few comments from the cast:

Q: Who do you think is the murderer? A: 40% chose Detective Hunt, 25% Missy

*Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki (Detective Hunt): “We all know the game. Looks can be deceiving. Let’s face it – rule #1 is keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”.

*Natasha Hatalsky (Detective Elliot): “I have to take the fifth”.

Q: Who has the most bloopers in the scenes? A: 40% chose MOLLY (Chiasson), 30% chose HENRY (Peter Morse)

*Theresa Chiasson (Molly Solloway): “Interesting that the most bloopers go to the parents of the year.”

*Peter Morse (Henry Solloway): “Pretty much equal from my filming experience!”

Q: Who is the clumsiest on set? A: 60% chose MOLLY (Chiasson).

*Sarah Alfano (Missy Solloway): “Theresa broke a pane of glass once in the kitchen. I wiped out on the stairs once though.”

*Theresa Chiasson (Molly Solloway): “Clumsy, no. Scattered, yes!”

Q: Would you want Molly Solloway as your mother? A: 85% chose NO

*Theresa Chiasson (Molly Solloway): “I believe Molly really tries, she’s just unprepared for her evil first daughter (Jennifer) and tortured by her past while raising her two other kids. There were a few good years in there, one would hope.”

*Vicky Lynch (Jennifer Grady): “Who in their right mind would want Molly as a mother?! At least when she is Jennifer’s mother, she is an alcoholic and barely knows how to take care of her own daughter. It should have been 100% said no!”

*Seth Chitwood (Director): “I think it really depends on what ‘character’ voted. I think Jennifer sees her as a horrible mom, but the Connor/Missy may not see her as SO horrible. It really comes down to who forgives her for her past…this is a big important question people will think about while watching the series.”

Q: Would you want Henry Solloway as your father? A: 70% chose YES

*Sarah Alfano (Missy Solloway): “Henry seems really put together and successful. He cares for his kids and can be stern when he needs to.”

*Peter Morse (Henry Solloway): “Henry is the S****!”

Q: Could you handle being interrogated by Detective Christina Elliot? A: 70% chose YES

*Natasha Hatalsky (Detective Elliot): “And for everyone out there: No, you could not handle being interrogated by Detective Christina Elliot.”

*Seth Chitwood (Director): “I think that most of the people who voted have only ‘read’ the scenes, they haven’t actually seen them. I think people will change their vote when they see the powerful performance Natasha (Elliot) gives this season while interrogating Molly.”

The series is told in three different periods of times. 1995, 2012, and 2044. While we watch the family deal with burying this body, we witness the victim’s past in 1995 leading up to her death. Then, in 2044, Molly Solloway (the mother) is being interrogated about what happened. She is telling “the story” to a detective.

Check out more information about the series at .The series premiere 2.17.13.

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