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  • Seth Chitwood

‘Family Problems: 5th Anniversary Special’ Ordered

Angelwood Pictures has ordered a special episode to celebrate Family Problems’ 5th Anniversary. The series premiered on February 17, 2013. It aired a total of seventy episodes. 

The series starred Wendy Hartman, Natasha Hatalsky, Tony Ramos Wright, Theresa Chiasson, Jonn Samela, Peter Morse, Sarah Alfano, Alex Pires, Paula Dellatte, Kathryn Shasha, Vicky Lynch, and Karen Ann Martino. See the full cast here.

The series went on to win several awards including the LA Web Series Festival Award for Outstanding Series, Writing, Lead Actress, and Supporting Actress. It also was voted the top spot on the Indie Series “Poll of the Week” twenty-four times.

The special episode will feature some special guests from the cast discussing the series. Check out a sneak peek from the Angelwood Pictures: “Reunited” segment with Family Problems’ Tony Ramos Wright and Karen Ann Martino here.

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