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Creator Chitwood Reflects on 2012

2012, was by far one of the busiest years for me. If it was with “filming” or just “life in general” ….I just felt like so much happened to me this year.

As we are about an hour away from the ending to an incredible year, I wanted to reflect on a few of my own milestones:

1) This year, my production company, Angelwood Pictures, was really busy. In fact, we now have a web site created by the magnificent Mary C. Ferrara that will show you! A company that was created in 2008, has come such a long way even more then I could ever have dreamed.

2) I’m so excited about how successful Red Circles has been. This year we completed our second season, and we are only three episodes away from finishing our third. In March, we start productions on our fourth season. The series became a union set in the beginning of the year, which was a huge step for us. This year Red Circles has introduced me to several amazing new actors and friendships that I will hold close to my heart for a lifetime. I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t say there were some bad experiences that happened with this project, but I’ve learned and grown as a filmmaker from each one. However, I am happy to be working with such a great ensemble and at the end of the day I’m proud of everyone!

3) Another giant milestone with Red Circles was winning 5 LA Web Series Festival Awards for Best Drama, Cinematography, Writing, Ensemble, and Theme Song (Matthew Lacombe). This was such a big honor for us. We have also been very successful on the “We Love Soaps” website making the tops five almost weekly for the series. It’s been great for all of us! I’m so happy with all this prestige.

4) Aside from filming, I took a really big step in my life to concentrate on my health. Although I will admit that I’m going to need 2013 to continue to meet my goal….I joined a gym and decided to eat healthier in order to loose weight. I’ve made some progress on getting to my goal, but I’m not there yet. I will update you next year. 🙂

5) In March, I created and cast myself as the leading actor, Moses, in my other web series; “World’s Worst Director”. We premiered ten episodes this year, and we are about to premiere our second season this March. Although I will argue that I am not totally like Moses, it was great to be able to produce another web series and that was autobiographical to my life. I needed to find a way to share with the world some of the crazy stories I’ve experienced on set, and this was the fitting way to do it. I’m again working with SUCH AN AMAZING CAST. Everyone is so professional, so funny, and so dedicated to this series. Although I say this about all the shows; “I’m always looking forward to working with everyone.”

6) In January, my uncle took me to see “Follies” for my birthday. I got to see one of my Broadway idols’, Bernadette Peters, from the second row. I was in awe. I also got to see two other amazing shows: Audra McDonald kick-butt in “Porgy & Bess” and the outstanding ensemble of “Once”. All three shows were great, and I felt so privileged to be able to experience them. These were by far one of my favorite set of shows I have ever seen on Broadway.

7) Although the series has yet to premiere this year, in September we began productions for my third series; “Family Problems”. I still can’t believe that come next year I will officially have THREE WEB SERIES airing online. But, I had a story to tell and I couldn’t hold myself back. I am working with a small, but astounding, cast of actors. It’s a pleasure to work with them and they do such a great job with their characters. I really cannot tell you how excited I am for everyone to see the series when it premieres in February. After working on three shows prior to this, I knew what mistakes not to make going into this. I think that everything is very strong, and at the same time has a story that is very interested and gripping that will surely grab our audience.

8) Aside from working in the web series world, I had the privilege to work behind the scenes on other projects. This was the year I wanted to also put myself out their and learn from other sets and people. I met Christopher Ferreira, another filmmaker, who really helped me with this. He told me about a few people to meet and tips to network, ect. I really thank him a lot for that. I helped him with some of the writing on his current project “The Last Halloween”, and later on his set. There, I was introduced to Richard Griffin, another filmmaker. I ended up script supervising on “Sins of Dracula” a project he was currently working on. AND THEN…..

9) Aside from writing from my three web series, my goal was to hopefully one day to be able to just write something and hand it off to someone to do with what they please with. This year, Richard and I collaborated on a project called “Dr. Frankenstein’s Wax Museum of the Hungry Dead”…which I wrote the screenplay in 2 days. NEW RECORD! It is currently being filmed and will premiere in the Spring. This has been such an amazing experience for me! I wrote something and here it is being filmed by an incredible cast and crew. I am very thankful to Richard for asking me to write this for him, liking what I wrote, and now working on it. I also “think” I’ve become friends with Richard, someone who I really admire as a filmmaker and a person. He has already been very helpful to me in ways that he doesn’t even know.

10) Then there was this little short I like to call “The Women of Harry”. We had to make a short in my production class. I had NEVER made a short film before. But, I still wanted to challenge myself. “Hmmm” I thought. “Do you think you could cast 55 women?” Thus, WOH was born. Surprisingly, casting 55 women was not challenging and within five days I had my cast. I also cast Kevin Del Signore as my leading character, Harry. I had never worked with Kevin but just from “word of mouth” I took the risk and made him the lead. Boy, did it pay off? He was remarkable in the role and I cannot wait to work with this actor again. But, he wasn’t the only person I would say this about. “The Women of Harry” introduced me to about thirty people that I didn’t know, each one very professional, interesting, charming, nice….I could go on. I really hope I get to work with each one of them again in the upcoming future!

11) I just wanted to talk about the creation of the Facebook group “Hollywood East Actors”. Although I am only a member of this group (I have to thank creator Erica Derrickson!), I wanted to mention how great the creation of the group was this year. However, if I get ONE MORE notification that someone has posted on this page…..just kidding. I just wanted to say that this page has been the best thing for I think every actor who participates with this on Facebook. It has helped me out numerous times with casting a few last minute actors or getting in touch with other filmmakers.

12) Finally, on December 10th, I officially became a senior in college at Rhode Island College. I’m very excited to say that hopefully next time around this same time, I will be graduating and moving on to the next big chapter in my life!

I want to thank everyone I came in contact with this year. I met some many wonderful people that have helped me so much. I would say ALL your names but the list would just go on and on. You know who you are, and I personally thank you. BUT, two people I have to thank are my parents, Faye Zuckermand and John Matin, who continued to let me film in their house this year and are the most supportive people I know. I am so thankful for such a great year in this film industry and cannot wait to see what 2013 will bring. Have a Happy New Year!

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