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‘Code 13: Unreadable’ delays premiere, starts festival run with pilot

An April 20th message from Beantown Statie Production Company states: “We have decided that due (to) the space restrictions we are going to reschedule the screening of Code 13 – Unreadable – the series for the fall.

After all the hard work you guys put into the project we didn’t feel it was fair to cut it back so much due to COVID-19. Once we see what this summer looks like, we will announce the new screening date in the fall. But the pilot is going to be making the rounds in the film festival circuit until then.”


The pilot stars Pamela Jayne Morgan, Alaina Gianci, Sean Dominic, Timothy R. O’Malley, Leslie Trentalange, Ariel Zucerkman, Stephanie Eaton and Frank Czarnowski.

Code 13: Unreadable is written by Seth Chitwood and Charlie Alejandro. The production is led by Beantown Statie Production Company and CPG-CP Group Training & Security. Casting by Jan Waldman and AP Casting. Production was completed in August 2016.

The series is a mockumentary revolving around a successful detective unit referred to as the “Dream Team”. They are being followed by a camera crew as they work around the clock to save a girl who has been abducted after an under cover operation goes wrong. They only have her audio to help them locate her. She’s “unreadable”.

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