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  • Seth Chitwood

Cheryl Beaulieu: 1958-2015


We are sadden to announce the passing of Cheryl Beaulieu-Spinelli, 57, who passed away on June 23, 2015. Beaulieu appeared in the Angelwood Pictures’ short film The Women of Harry (see clip below) and was scheduled to make a small guest appearance on Red Circles. She also helped out on the set of Red Circles as a script supervisor.

“She was an over-the-top caring woman!” Seth Chitwood stated, “I had lost touch with her over the past few years, which I deeply regret. When she was a part of the Angelwood Pictures team; she helped out as much as she could and had so much passion and support for our production.”

See below, the quick clip of her in The Women of Harry. She will never be forgotten.

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