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Charlie Alejandro exits Testing: The Series ahead of Season Three

Charlie Alejandro has left the Angelwood Pictures horror series after playing the stoic Nurse Purple for two seasons.

The last time we saw Purple was when she was locked up in a detention box – referred to as a black box – by the cruel and strict Nemarissa (Stephanie Eaton).

Although Alejandro will not be returning to the series, the fate of her character will be revealed during the third season.

“Playing Nurse Purple was the most challenging yet fulfilling role ever! I will truly miss her,” Alejandro stated about her exit, “I love her so.”

Alejandro also served as an executive producer and her production company, Beantown Statie Production Company, co-produced the series along with Angelwood Pictures. She will still be credited as the EP for the first ten episodes of the new season.

“It has truly been an honor working with not only my friend but writing for such a remarkable performer,” series creator Seth Chitwood says. “She is like family to me and I look forward to seeing her talent shine in new projects. Thank you for your hard work and devotion to making Testing come to life these past two seasons.”

Recently, it was announced that Family Problems’ star, Theresa Chiasson, was joining the series along with returning cast members: Dana Wine, Jennifer Patricia Tyrrell, Stephanie Eaton, Acei Martin, Frank Czarnwoski, Casey Grace Murtagh, Jared Contrada, Joel-Michael Martin, and Maureen Vlaco.

The third season premieres on Sunday, May 13 at 8pm EST

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