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  • Seth Chitwood

Angelwood to start removing FREE content in March 2023

Angelwood Pictures announced it will start to remove any of its free content from Youtube and Vimeo in March. 

The productions, currently available streaming, that will be removed are “Lungs,” “Family Problems,” “The Love Triangle (short),” World’s Worst Director,” “Testing (Seasons 1-2),” “The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler,” “Harper’s First Kiss (short),” “The Girl in the Attic” and eight of the fourteen episodes of “In the Bedroom.”

This will be a first step in an Angelwood Pictures rebranding mission, in which it will offer all its content on one streaming website that will offer paid or a monthly subscription fee to view all its content. 

The new site will also present new content such as the upcoming holiday series, “He’ll Be Home For Christmas” and premiere shorts such as “OUT: a short film” and “For The Views,” and older never-released content such as “The House Sitter,” “Red Circles: The End,” “Testing, “World’s Worst Director” cut episodes and “Margaret.”

The launch will occur in Spring 2023.

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