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  • Seth Chitwood

Angelwood Pictures will celebrate 200th Web Series Episode December 9.

The season one finale of Testing: The Series will officially mark the production company’s 200th web episode. The numerous episodes span across the company’s six other web series: The Dreamer, Red Circles, World’s Worst Director, Family Problems, In the Bedroom, and Lungs. The season finale airs December 9.

Testing: The Series is a mystery horror series about a company running mysterious scientific trials on test subjects in the late 1950s. The series stars Casey Grace Murtagh, Tony Ramos Wright, and Charlie Alejandro. It is also produced by Beantown Statie Production Company. The series was just recently renewed for a second season.

Angelwood Pictures and Beantown Statie Production Company is currently developing three pilot series. Two of them begin production in 2017. They will also be releasing the first four episodes of the mini-series The Girl in the Attic in May 2017.

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