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Angelwood Pictures’ “Summer Season” Announced

Angelwood Pictures announced today that Family Problems, World’s Worst Director, and Lungs will all be returning with new seasons this upcoming summer. Creator Seth Chitwood also discussed Red Circles and In the Bedroom.

Lungs, which aired its finale episode on Sunday, February 16th, will return with another ten-episode order on Sunday, May 11th. Both Season One and Season Two were filmed simultaneously.

Family Problems will be back with a whopping 17-episode order (the most episodes ever aired by an Angelwood Pictures’ web series in one season). The season will “wrap up the Molly Solloway story” says creator Seth Chitwood. But, FP fans will be excited to hear that there are hints of a possible fourth season. The series is scheduled to return in the summer, but no official premiere date has been scheduled.

Finally, Seth Chitwood’s “World’s Worst Director” mockumentary series will also be returning. Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed that it will be the dramedy series’ FINAL season. The series, which will officially start productions in early-May, is scheduled to also premiere in the late summer. The past two seasons aired in mid-March – however due to scheduling conflicts the final season was pushed for a late premiere.

“World’s Worst DIrector” star Seth Chitwood.

As for Angelwood Pictures’ MIA series “Red Circles” – there are no news on a return date for the series. However, their have been some optimistic reports that the final season may get some attention and schedule a second late summer premiere. The series halted productions in October when their leading actress quit unexpectedly with several scenes left to film. The creator decided to put his attention on his other projects and revisit the drama horror series at a later date.

“It’s not doomed, but things got very tricky. I don’t want to release something that is unfinished or not what I wanted. I have to reevaluate its future – but didn’t have time to dedicate the majority of my time to reshoot anything. I’m hopeful that we will still be able to end the series the way I wanted to; but at this time I’m leaving it on the backburner,” said Seth Chitwood.

In the meantime; Angelwood Pictures’ “In the Bedroom” collaborative web series which features 13-episodes about two people dealing with different conflicts in their bedroom is also scheduled for an early May premiere.

In the Bedroom – “The Insane Wife”

In conclusion, it looks like the summer will be jam-packed with an overwhelming number of web episodes produced by Angelwood Pictures. …In fact, maybe even up to 65 different episodes total. Will you be watching all of them?

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