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Angelwood Pictures orders ‘Angelwood Unplugged’ series featuring old work.

Good news “World’s Worst Director,” “Testing,” or any Angelwood fans who have been waiting seven years to see the axed horror short “The House Sitter”…. you might finally have your chance.

Angelwood Pictures announced a new series currently under the working title “Angelwood Unplugged,” which will feature never-been-released content from short films and series.

“It’s an opportunity to shine a little light on the great performances and work  that we just couldn’t figure out how to release back in the day,” said Creator Seth Chitwood, who will add context at the start of each episode.

The series will showcase shorts that never were released as well as episodes from some of series that were cut-short during production and never made it to air such as the third season of “World’s Worst Director” and the final season of “Testing.”

“It may just be a single episode, it could be out of order or be open-ended, but people will at least get a little taste of new content from some of their favorite projects!” Chitwood added.

The series is set to premiere May 2023.

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