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Angelwood Pictures developing “In the Bedroom” spin-off

Angelwood Pictures is currently developing a spin-off from its New England collaborative web series In the Bedroom. The project will focus on characters from its fourth episode “The Snoring Future” starring Charlie Tacker & Sean McPherson.

The original episode revolved around a boy, Kyle (Tacker), who was forced to share a bed with his father (McPherson) on a visit to his grandmothers. Kyle narrates his thoughts and feelings toward his father’s crazy and loud snoring.

In the Bedroom premiered back in May 2014. The series won four 2015 LA Web Festival Awards for Guest Acting & Writing.  Each of the episodes featured two different people in a bedroom setting. Not only was the series created by Seth Chitwood, but he also directed and wrote “The Snoring Future” episode.

Right now, the spin-off series will be short web vignettes revolving around the relationship between the two. It may or may not be narrated by Kyle (as seen in the original episode). There may be an opportunity for a few other “In the Bedroom” characters to make cameo appearances. Casting for a few additional characters begin soon.

The project will also be a collaboration. Interested writers will be able to submit scripts or ideas for the father/son pair. There may be an opportunity for guest directors. 

The project is scheduled for a Summer 2016 premiere. Check out the In the Bedroom episode – “The Snoring Future” below. You can watch ALL the episodes for the series here.

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