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  • Seth Chitwood

Angelwood Pictures confirms ‘2017 Angel Awards’ for Spring 2017

Angelwood Pictures is confirming the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards for Spring 2017. The award ceremony will award actors and creative members who appeared in projects under the production company.

Testing: Season One, Family Problems: Season Five, The Girl in the Attic: Season One, The House Sitter, and The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler will all be considered for nominations.

The 2017 James R. Zuckerman Special Achievement Award & Golden Angel Award will also be given the honor to two additional people.

The considered performers have been selected and are currently being voted by a selected panel featuring several international web creators and members of the New England Film Industry Community consisting of producers, directors, and actors. From this vote, the categories will be cut down to three to six nominees each depending on the vote.

Along with the awards, the event will feature scenes from each of its web series and projects from the past year and even include a special musical performance. It will also premiere clips from upcoming Angelwood Pictures productions including Code 13: Unreadable, Family Problems, Limbo, The Girl in the Attic, World’s Worst Director: Season 3, Testing: The Series. Also some clips will feature past projects including Red Circles, World’s Worst Director, The Women of Harry, and Lungs.

Nominations will be announced January 2017. Tickets will be available in February. 

The first event was held December 5, 2015 at the RISD Museum. It was hosted by JP Valenti. See photos below:

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