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Angelwood Pictures Announces 2015 Season

Angelwood Pictures announced today some news about its productions and other information to look forward to as we approach the 2015 season. Take a look below at what to expect from the production company this year.

Earlier this year, Family Problems began productions for its fourth season. The new season will air every Thursday at 9pm starting on Thursday, March 26th 2015. The fourth season received a fourteen-episode order. A fifth and final season was ordered and is just finishing productions. It will air its nine final episodes in the fall.

We have officially cancelled our series Red Circles and World’s Worst Director. Both series will not return. A rumored six-part Red Circles miniseries has also been cancelled. There’s a possibility of a World’s Worst Director film; no news has been confirmed.

There’s no official announcement regarding if the web series In The Bedroom will return either. But, creator Seth Chitwood said; “We will let everyone know soon.”

Lungs will be premiering its fourth season on Sunday, February 15th. The entire season will once again be released at once. The series will be releasing fourteen episodes.

It has been previously announced that this will be the final season for current leads (Ellen Levenson, David Sackal, Teddi Grace, and Kimberley Miller). This will also be the only season to feature new announced leads (Graham King, Melanie Roth, and Kevin Michael Strauss). However, it has not yet been confirmed if this is the series’ final season.

A short film titled The Love Triangle will be released in Spring 2015. The film stars Wendy Hartman, Sean Mcpherson, JP Valenti, Lorrie Bacon, and Henry Davis. The dark comedy is about a woman who is dating two men. When she’s forced at gunpoint to choose between which man lives and the other to die; it becomes quite the chilling triangle.

The production company is in early developments for another new feature. This will be the first feature for the production company. The film title has not yet been released but will start productions in February.

It’s going to be quite the season for Angelwood Pictures. We will see you all in 2015. Have a happy new year!

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