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  • Seth Chitwood

Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards Nominated over THIRTY Women

Yesterday morning, the nominations for the upcoming 2nd Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards were announced by presenters Jenny Tyrrell and Acei Martin. The list featured nominations for a total of thirty-three women and sixteen men. 

For Angelwood Pictures, most of the projects feature strong women in leading and supporting roles. These projects were written around resilient intellectual women battling against all odds to seek their goals. Most of the roles feature females ranging from ages 44-69. 

Fourteen of the female nominees are over the age of forty.

“Angelwood Pictures thrives on women in leadership positions in virtually all its projects. We have rejected the worn out idea that when a woman turns 40, she’s no longer useful in the production’s foreground.” – Seth Chitwood/Article in IMAGINE MAGAZINE

Congratulations to the hardworking women for representing a class that should never be overlooked but instead embraced for their ability to elevate a professional production.

The official date for the Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards will be announced later this week. For a complete list of nominations, go to:

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