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Family Problems - the mystery web series


* Has spoilers for the first three seasons of the show.

Detective Elliot was the head of the Solloway murder case. She investigated who killed Jennifer after her body was found in the woods. She later investigated the murder of Henry Solloway. Elliot has a daughter, Lilly, who she lives alone with in a small Boston apartment. She is close with her former disabled partner, Elena Maretto. Her husband, Vincent, died two years earlier during a shootout at the police station. She barely trusts anyone at the station, as her main focus is stopping the corruption that started when Rebecca Ellison was made Sargent. The character is portrayed by: Natasha Hatalsky.

In 2044, Rebecca Ellison is currently the Sargent of the Boston North Investigative Unit. In 2012, she helps aid the Solloway Family is covering up the murder of Jennifer and eventually Henry's death. She was also Henry's ex-girlfriend before he met his wife, Molly. She has massive connections in Boston, and knows how to easily get rid of a body. Back in 2044, she employs Officer Randal Holmes to do some of her dirty work for her. However, when he starts asking questions about her past; she poisons him and then bashes his head in with a rock. She's later arrested for the murder (as well as other corruption charges). However, a few weeks before her trial, she is found murdered in her house. The character is portrayed by: Wendy Hartman.

Hudson is the chief of Detective Elliot's department. He oversees Elliot during all her cases. It unclear exactly when their relationship is to each other, however he clearly cares about her and tries to control her emotions during the Solloway investigation. The character is portrayed by: John Samela.

Waller is the District Attorney and lead prosecutor on the Solloway case. She's also good friend with Detective Elliot. It's discovered that she is secretly launching an investigation into Ellison's corruption, and retains Elliot to help her. However, Ellison learns about Waller's investigation and black mails her into handing over all her evidence. The character is portrayed by: Paula Dellatte.

Kinger is the Assistant District Attorney. When Waller is called away to investigate a lead, she steps in as acting prosecutor for the Solloway case. She does not get a long with Elliot, and constantly orders for her dismissal. Later, it is also learned that she is trying to investigate Ellison's corruption, in an attempt to eventually take Waller's role as District Attorney. It's later revealed that she may be in Ellison's pocket. The character is portrayed by: Lorrie Bacon.

Henry is the husband of Molly Solloway, and ex-boyfriend of Rebecca Ellison. He is murdered while the family is covering up Jennifer's death. He was also a defense attorney. The character is portrayed by: Peter Morse.

Molly was the prime suspect in the murder of Jennifer Grady and Henry Solloway. Jennifer was Molly's first daughter. When Jennifer was a teenager she got into drugs and became abusive. Eventually, Molly abandoned her and met Henry. They both started a new life together, having a family of their own and moving to Boston. However, Jennifer comes back into their lives and later is found murdered in their kitchen. Two weeks later, Henry is also found dead in their kitchen. Molly tells Detective Elliot a long story about the events leading up to both of their deaths to try and exclude her, and properly point at evidence that could bring down Sargent Rebecca Ellison. Elliot gets very invested in Molly's case. The character is portrayed by: Theresa Chiasson.

Hunt is the former partner of Rebecca Ellison. Hunt was also represented by Henry Solloway, in court, for placing false evidence at a crime scene. She vanished in 2020, during a case she was working on with Ellison. When Elliot speaks with her sister, Rose, she is pretty sure Ellison may have killed her. The character is portrayed by: Stacey Iwanicki-Forbes.

Chemmon is a psychotic medical examiner that works with Rebecca Ellison to cover up Henry's death. He is later convicted of covering up over 55 murders by being paid to falsify their medical records. Likewise, he also was paid to set up people by changing bodies to look like homicides committed by a specific person. Eventually, he's exchanged immunity to testify against Rebecca Ellison during her murder trial. The character is portrayed by: Alexander Hauck.

Detective Maretto is the former partner of Detective Elliot. During the police shootout, she was a victim of a bomb. She lost her arm and part of her leg. She also has severe burns on the left side of her face and lost her eye. She aids Elliot after she is suspended, to continue trying to take down Ellison. The character is portrayed by: Charlie Alejandro.

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