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Family Problems

Production Details



Theresa Chiasson | Natasha Hatalsky | Wendy Hartman | Peter Morse | Sarah Alfano | Alexa Dhima | Vicky Lynch | John Samela |Tony Ramos Wright | Paula Dellatte | with Charlie Alejandro | and Karen Ann Martino |  View Full Cast



Created By Seth Chitwood | Other crew: Kathleen O'Conner, Jordan Angelo, Krystal Hall, Brenna Morse,

Mary C. Ferrara, John Martin | Stunts By David Jacobs | Training By Mel Alejandro | View Full Crew


2017 LAWEBFEST award:

Outstanding Supporting Actress (Karen Ann Martino).

Two 2016 LAWEBFEST awards:

Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Ensemble Cast (Natasha Hatalsky, Wendy Hartman, John Samela, Tony Ramos Wright, Karen Ann Martino, Kathryn Shasha, Susan Waletkus, Mary C. Ferrara, Luisa Badaracco, Charlie Alejandro, Rob Floyd, and Zele Avradopoulos).

Four 2015 LAWEBFEST awards:

Outstanding Lead Actress (Wendy Hartman), Outstanding Supporting Actor (John Samela), and two Outstanding Supporting Actresses (Natasha Hatalsky and Sarah Alfano).

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