The Dreamer
13-part web series that aired February 7, 2009 to August 3, 2009.

Written & Created By Seth Chitwood
Directed By Seth Chitwood
Assistant Directed By Jordan Angelo & Libbi Gildea
Additional Writing By Libbi Gildea and Kim Kay
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Derek Rocha as Roger Henderson
Alec Kubas-Meyer as Frankie Peterson
Libbi Gidea as Felecity
Morgan Schiff as Evan Smith
Seth Chitwood as Chief Alexander Wilson
Allison Drapes as Allison Leoni
Elise Trudel as Agent Lynn
Ramona Raabe as Leah Thorton
E.B. Chaffee as Detective Jackie Muniz
Erika Chase Davis as Detective Juliet Kingsly
Remy Steele as Tommy Highland
Emma Chavenson as Agent Able
Michael Murphy as Ashton Misley
Matthew Valles as Peter Carter
Kelly Brown as Maya
Parker Wood as Jack
Jordan Angelo as Sydney
Emma Edwards as Agent Saree
William Valles as Ghost