The Dreamer
13-part web series that aired February 7, 2009 to August 3, 2009.

Written & Created By Seth Chitwood
Directed By Seth Chitwood
Assistant Directed By Jordan Angelo & Libbi Gildea
Additional Writing By Libbi Gildea and Kim Kay
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THE DREAMERis a 13-part mini-series about Roger Henderson (Derek Rocha) who has weird nightmares about a man he has never met. Roger and his girlfriend Allison (Ali D.) try and figure it out. Meanwhile, a girl named Monica (Ray Patterson) is trying to figure out the mystery behind the death of her boyfriend Tommy and girlfriend Juliet. It is soon discovered that both Monica and Roger are trying to find answer about the serial killer Frankie Peterson (Alec Kubas-Meyer), but are on two different ends of the path. Monica is lost in reality, while Roger is lost in his dreams.