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Testing: The Series

Production Details



Dana Wine | Stephanie Eaton | Acei Martin | Ralph Regine | Maureen Vlaco | Heather Stapleton | Judith Maloney | Isabella Leone

Casey Grace Murtagh | Charlie Alejandro | with Tony Ramos Wright | and Frank Czarnowski |  View Full Cast



Written & Created By Seth Chitwood | Directors: Seth Chitwood, Theresa Chiasson, Paul Speziale, and Mary C. Ferrara
Production Coordinator: Acei Martin | Associate Producer: Anny Din | Production Manager: Dov Kling-Levine
Script Supervisor: Stephanie Eaton | Cinematography By Seng2KX, Tommy Bo, and Paul Speziale | View Full Crew



Nominated for 3 awards: Outstanding Lead Actor (Tony Wright as The Doctor), Outstanding Score (Ear 2 tha Beat, Geoff Harvey, Rod Weinstein, RM Jackson, and Kahdiak), and Outstanding Theme Song (Patrick James Slattery).


The Snobby Robot:

TESTING: Memorable characters and spine tingling thrills,

with a healthy dose of nostalgia

How to watch: Coming soon to Tubi
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