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Note: This synopsis of the show contains spoilers for those that haven't watched the first three seasons.

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The Case

Detective Sophie Arlington (Corey Arruda) and Detective Jane Roberts (Willow Jayne Anderson) respond to an officer's distress radio call after he finds a woman, Catherine O'Brian (Samantha Gabrielsen), covered in blood in her own shower. The detectives soon learn that the blood on Catherine is not her own. Upon further investigation, the detectives find Catherine's brother Matthew (Cody Flynn) murdered in the backyard shed.

Meanwhile, the detectives soon learn that in the house two decades earlier, a woman named Emma Waters (Kathy Sullivan) was found in her shower covered in her son Bobby's (Max Derderian) blood. Bobby himself was then found dead in the backyard shed. Arlington also learns that her father Detective J. Arlington (Frank O'Donnell) and his partner Kelsey Harolds (Kathy Bebeau) had been leads on the case.

Before the investigation can continue, the responding officer Ron (Samuel Bettencourt) is found dead a few miles away after someone saw him only minutes earlier in the house. Catherine is also found covered in blood again. After seeming like very strange and paranormal events, the house is quarantined; the FBI's Agent Erica Thomas (Julian Trilling) then takes over to investigate.

During the case, Chief Burt Kane (Matthew Lacombe) discovers that his son Ben (Jake Derderian) has also gone missing; Kane then searches Newport for him.

In the midst of the case, Detective Arlington and Agent Thomas enter the house to try and apprehend Catherine O'Brian. But they soon learn that Catherine is dead and now are standing face-to-face with what seems to be the ghost of the late Emma Waters. During all the commotion, Emma tries to shoot Arlington, but when Arlington fires back, she hits Agent Thomas. The two vanish into a bright white light and then find themselves ghosts watching events that led up to both Emma Waters' and Catherine O'Brian's deaths.

A flashback reveals that Arlington and Kane were having an affair and that Officer Ron found out and tried to blackmail Kane to make him detective in return for his silence.

Meanwhile, a nosy reporter (Tiffany Squires) arrives trying to get some dirt on the case. She interviews an old neighbor, Hunter Jackson (Paul Kandarian), who had lived on the street when Emma Waters was alive. Tiffany then sees Kane's son Ben with Hunter and tries to save Ben. Tiffany is overpowered by Hunter Jackson and knocked out.

Chief Kane continues to search for his son with the help of his wife, Sandra (Shir Kantor). They start fighting about Kane not being there for Ben. She then tells Kane that she knew that Kane and Arlington were having an affair together (something previously revealed in the beginning of the series). Kane tries to deny it; Sandra then reveals that she's pregnant and storms off.

Arlington continues to watch Emma's life and learns that her later father, J. Arlington, was having an affair with his partner, Kelsey Harolds. Arlington then finds out that one of the officers found out and was blackmailing Harolds right around the time of the Emma Waters case. Harolds ended up shooting the officer and made it look like a suicide (similar to how Officer Ron died in the present day).

Tiffany wakes up and tries to stop Hunter who speeds away in his car. Sandra walks away from Kane and ends up getting hit by Hunter's car, dying instantly. Tiffany then reveals to Kane that she's actually an Agent and was undercover. The two then run off and try to track down Hunter's car.

Meanwhile, Detective Roberts tracks down Emma Waters' sister, Sarah (Theresa Chiasson) and interviews her about the murders. Roberts finds out that Sarah would receive several strange phone calls daily, around the time of her sister's death, yelling strange things at her. Thus Sarah disconnected all her phones and won't use them. That is until Roberts plugs her phones back in to see if it'll happen again. Roberts ends up getting a call from Arlington who is still stuck watching Emma's life. Roberts runs off to get help.

Arlington soon witnesses Hunter Jackson killing Bobby Waters and framing Emma, just as Thomas sees Hunter killing Matthew. Arlington is transported back to the Waters house and is warned by the ghosts of Thomas, Catherine, and Emma to try and stop something called; "The Red Circles." That the same events that occurred to Emma and Catherine will soon happen again, and Arlington must stop them. And that she's the only one who can.

Arlington wakes up back in present day and goes back to Detective Harolds convinced that Harolds knows more then she told her. Arlington and Harolds face off. Arlington confronts Harolds about her father and how Emma was innocent. Harolds accuses Arlington for killing Officer Ron, which only makes Arlington realize that it was actually Kane who killed him.

Kane and Tiffany race to track down Hunter's car and hear on the radio that Roberts is in pursuit. They then hear guns being fired. When they arrive, they find Hunter's car but no one is there, until they open the trunk and find Thomas alive.

6 months after the O'Brian case, the entire case goes cold. Chief Burt Kane is MIA after he leaves a letter of resignation and drives off in search of his missing son. Before Kane leaves, Arlington faces Kane and tells him that she knows he killed Officer Ron. Arlington then forgives him, surprising Kane. A new Chief of Police arrives, Donna Williams (Dani Cameron), and suspends Detective Arlington. Arlington begins working with Kelsey Harolds and discovers that Hunter Jackson has been responsible for several other cases all over America where women were found in their showers covered in blood and their sons found murdered.

The detectives soon discover a new victim, Mary (Anastasia O'Brien), dead in her shower. Her son is also missing. Arlington's suspension is terminated, and she returns to the force to help.

Agent Tiffany located Agent Thomas, who has taken a leave of absence. (She claims she has no memory of what happened to her.) Tiffany tells Thomas about the new developments and encourages her to return to Newport with her.

Meanwhile, Burt Kane tracks down Hunter Jackson's half-sister, Gloria (Mary C. Ferrara), convinced that she knows the whereabouts of Hunter. However, Gloria tells Kane that she wishes her brother was dead after she was convinced that he was responsible for killing her abusive mother. Gloria tries to convince Kane to give up and go back to Newport.

Kane receives a phone call from Detective Erics (Krystal Hall) about the woman found in the shower. He hurries back to Newport for answers. Arlington is now convinced that if there is another case of a woman found in the shower, that the responding officer (Nathan Jon Desisto) may be in danger. (The responding officers from the other similar cases either killed themselves or were murdered.) Arlington and Erics return to the location that they found Officer Ron. However they don't find anyone.

Donna Williams and the other detectives find the missing boy of Matthew O'Brian in the backyard. Arlington and Erics return empty-handed, but when Erics goes into her trunk to get something she finds the officer's dead body.

Agent Tiffany and Thomas return to Newport to take over the case. They interview a neighbor, Mrs. Jones, who thought she saw Mary talking to someone. Kane returns to the crime scene only to find that he isn't welcomed by anyone. Everyone begins fighting, until Thomas speeds off in her car angrily. They follow her to the Waters' house where they find a pregnant woman, Elizabeth (Danya Martin), locked in the attic.

Elizabeth is taken to the hospital, and gives birth to a baby girl. However, she refuses to see her daughter. When Williams shows her a picture of Hunter Jackson, she freaks out and needs to be restrained. Arlington gets a call from Harolds and meets her. Harolds tells her that she tried to talk to her mother, Miriam Arlington (Mary Paolino), because she needed a combination to a safe that could have more information about the case in it. Arlington sends Harolds home, and goes in to talk to her mother. (Arlington hasn't spoken to her since her father's suicide, because her mother was so psychotic. She's been in a mental hospital ever since.)

After a heated argument between her and her mother, Arlington successfully receives the combination. Arlington sees Kane, they then both return to her house to open the safe.

Meanwhile, the detectives receive a 9-1-1 call from Mrs. Jones. They return to Mary's house to find Mrs. Jones stabbed and dying in the front yard. Before she dies, she gives them a message: "He said to leave Hunter Jackson alone."

Williams convinces Elizabeth to see her baby. Williams tells Elizabeth about how she was raped while undercover several years ago. The two connect, and Elizabeth asks to see her baby. Williams leaves the room to find the nurse. However, there is a panic in the hallway. Elizabeth's baby is missing.

Arlington finds a videotape in the safe. Kane and Arlington watch the tape, and find out that it's from J. Arlington apologizing to Arlington right before he killed himself. The tape is cut off in the middle, so Arlington calls Harolds. At Mary's house, after Mrs. Jones has died, the agents wash themselves off and chat about the case. They suddenly hear a cell phone ringing in the basement. They go downstairs and find Kelsey Harolds dead, her throat slit, and her cell phone ringing with an incoming call from Arlington.

Arlington and Kane fight about where they stand in their relationship. Kane tells about his stupidity about having an affair with her; that all he cares about now is the fact that wife is dead and son is missing. Arlington leaves Kane to return to the crime scene, and Kane returns to his apartment.

Arlington arrives at the crime scene and sees Mrs. Jones' body. Arlington freaks out because she recognizes the witness as the mother of her former partner from New York, Detective Hannah Jones (Susan T. Travers). After she freaks out, Agent Thomas encourages Arlington to take a break and personally go to New York to tell her partner about her mother's death. Arlington and Tiffany leave together.

Elizabeth is taken to a safe house by Agent Jillian White (Jennifer Walsh). The agent has taken over Elizabeth's case, and tells her that Williams and the other agents are off looking for her daughter.

In a flashback, the final few days leading up to Emma Waters' husband, Tom Waters, death is revealed. They couple were dealing with money problems, which led to Emma working too much and not being around to spend time with her son Bobby. They couple end up fighting, and Tom storms off. Later that day, Emma receives a phone call that Tom died in a car accident after being forced off the road by a drunken truck driver. The company of the driver then awards Emma a settlement of $250,000. Emma quits her job to be with Bobby.

Kane returns to his apartment only to be attacked by Hunter Jackson. Kane is tied up to a chair and begins to get tortured by Hunter. Hunter calls Kane a villain for killing Officer Ron and neglecting his family.

Arlington goes to New York and tells Jones about her mother's death. Jones tells Arlington she hasn't spoken to her mother is years; that her mother was a drunk and a druggie. However Jones goes and gets her daughter Penny (Ava Caiola), bringing her back to Newport with Arlington.

Jones goes with an agent to see her mother's body. Penny is taken to a safe house until Jones is ready to go home. Penny meets Elizabeth at the safe house, and they both begin to bond.

Arlington sees her mother, Miriam, hoping for more answers about why her father killed himself. Miriam tells her that she received these strange phone calls around the time of J. Arlington's death. They haunted her father, and could've been a reason he killed himself. Miriam said it was a reason that she had to get away from everything and admitted herself in the hospital. Arlington leaves Miriam, but promises to visit her more.

Arlington works with Thomas to figure out who was making the phone calls. They trace the records to the apartment of Sarah Waters. They both interview her about the calls, only to learn that she too received these strange phone calls and disconnected her phones.

Agent Davis (Gilbert Polanco) returns to the Waters house to investigate something. Suddenly, he hears something upstairs and discovers Ben Kane in the upstairs closet.

Kane continues being tortured by Hunter Jackson. Kane then sees Gloria Jackson in the house, and discovers that she was lying to him. Gloria was in on everything, and tells Kane not to take it "personal." Hunter then sends Gloria away from the house with the baby. Elizabeth is visited by Williams who gives her hope about finding her daughter.

Hannah Jones returns to her mother's apartment and finds several rejection letters from adoption agencies. In a flashback, we learn that Jones' mother, Mrs. Jones, was trying to adopt another child. Harolds, who had become a social worker, met with Jones. However when Harolds learned that Jones had a history of alcohol and drug abuse, she denied Mrs. Jones. However, later that day, Mary (Mrs. Jones' neighbor) knocked on her door and asked her to watch her son.

Mrs. Jones became infatuated with Mary's son. In present day, Hannah Jones finds an old photo album that has her face cut out and replaced with Mary's son's face. Jones then finds a key in the album that belongs to a bulkhead in the backyard. Jones unlocks the bulkhead and finds Mary's missing son. In a final flashback, we learn that Mary is killed by Mrs. Jones so she can adopt her son.

Mary's son is taken by the agents. Jones gets ready to return home, but first does another sweep of the crime scene. Jones overhears Dr. Warren (Eva Davenport) on the phone with a man she calls "Hunter", telling him that they found Mary's son.

Arlington leaves Thomas and Sarah to see Ben Kane. Arlington arrives and ends up having to tell Ben Kane about the fate of his mother. Arlington then tells Ben Kane that she is going to take him home.

Meanwhile, Jones follows Dr. Warren back to her house and spies on her. However, Dr. Warren sneaks up on Jones and put a gun to her head. Dr. Warren takes Jones hostage, and leads her to her basement where they find another woman held hostage. It's soon revealed that the woman is the missing Detective Jane Roberts.

Arlington goes to Kane's apartment, but makes Ben wait in the car. Arlington enters and finds Kane tied up. Hunter holds a gun to Kane's head and demands that she drop her gun. Arlington does, and Hunter now takes her hostage.

Elizabeth thinks she sees her husband, Daniel Wood (Linus Power), who has also been missing. (He reportedly had moved away after Elizabeth had been missing over a year, accepting she was gone.) Agent White goes outside to search for him, but comes back empty handed. Elizabeth is convinced that White is lying and fights her to go outside. Elizabeth pushes White down, knocking her out. Elizabeth then takes Penny and runs out of the house with her.

Warren blames Roberts for helping cover up Officer Ron's death. (Warren was in love with Officer Ron, and they had been secretly seeing each other. Ron had purposed to her right before he was shot.) Warren almost kills Jones, but gets a phone call to not do anything. Eventually, Jones and Roberts overpower Warren and tie her up. Gloria Jackson arrives and Jones and Roberts arrest her. However, Gloria tells them that if she doesn't call Hunter in the next two minutes, that he'll kill the baby.

Tiffany and Agent Davis work together back at the crime scene to read over journals that they found that belonged to Emma Waters. Agent Davis tells Tiffany about something he read, that shocks Tiffany. She remembers that it was a similar thing Thomas once told her about her sister. Tiffany runs off to find Thomas for an explanation.

Thomas and Sarah continue talking about Emma. Sarah notices strange similarities between Thomas and her sister, Emma. Sarah confronts Thomas about it, who at first denies it. However, when Sarah asks her more personal questions about Emma (that only Emma would know), she is shocked when Thomas answers them correctly. Tiffany arrives at the apartment, just as Thomas reveals to Sarah that she is actually Emma.

Gloria Jackson calls Hunter Jackson and tells him something about a "red car" that she'll be driving. Hannah Jones realizes that Gloria was secretly warning him that she had been caught. Roberts calls for backup, and then receives information for Jones. Roberts tells Jones that Elizabeth attack Agent White and ran off with her daughter, Penny.

Arlington tells Kane that she found his son. Hunter Jackson yells at Arlington and Kane about their affair and how Arlington can love such an evil person. Arlington finds out that Kane was responsible for trying to frame Catherine that second time she was found in the shower. However, she still forgives Kane and tells her how much she loves him. Kane responds by apologizing what he said to her and that no matter what, he will always love her.

Emma reveals to Sarah and Tiffany, that when Agent Thomas was shot, she was able to resurrect herself in her body. She tells them about what happened to her after she died and how she was a ghost poisoned inside her own house. She then loses the ability to breathe and starts shaking. Before she dies, she tells them that Hunter Jackson isn't really Hunter Jackson. She tells them that her husband, Tom, also found a way to resurrect himself and is Hunter Jackson.

Hunter Jackson (now revealed as Tom Waters) unties Arlington and makes her get a knife from the table. He puts a gun to her head and says that he'll let her go if she slits Kane's throat. At first, Arlington refuses, but Kane yells at her to do it, to save herself; that he's going to die no matter what. After they both exchange their final words of love to each other, Arlington takes the knife and slits Kane's throat.

After Kane dies, Hunter ties Arlington back up and tries to tell her that she'll eventually understand everything. However, Arlington tells Hunter that no matter what happens, she'll kill him.

After the death of her partner and lover, Burt Kane (Matthew Lacombe), Sophie Arlington takes a leave of absence and attends therapy with Dr. Gene Avery (Maureen Vlaco). Meanwhile, Detective Hannah Jones (Susan T. Travers) is searching for her missing daughter Penny (Ava Caiola), who Elizabeth (Danya Martin) kidnapped while escaping the safe house.

Meanwhile, Agent Tiffany Simmons (Sophie Kreyssig) is left in charge of the case and the notorious Criminal Analyst Agent James Henderson (Daniel Lee White) is called to assist her. Upon searching for Penny Jones, Officer King (Thomas Capuano) goes missing while talking to a neighbor. Jones and Agent White (Jennifer Walsh) go into the house to investigate and find another shower covered in blood.

The team arrives at the house of Janice, who is missing, to investigate the recent "bloody shower" discovery. Agent Jenner (Molly Kay) discovers blood droplets leading away from the crime scene. The team follows the path which leads them to a large amount of blood in the woods. Shocked by the location of the blood, it's discovered that Tiffany buried Thomas' dead body in that location earlier. Arlington returns from therapy to find her old partner, Roberts (Willow Jayne Anderson) waiting on her stoop. She pushes her to talk to her, and finds out that Arlington is pregnant.

Arlington is unsure who the father of her child could be. Roberts takes her to the doctor. Meanwhile, Detective Adam Hartt (Timothy Bonavita) arrives at the station to find Jones. He is her old partner from New York and has come to help her find Penny. Angry by how the left things (Hartt made a pass at her), Jones asks him to go home and leave her alone.

Henderson makes a discovery that all the dates that Hunter Jackson killed his victims were on nights that had full moons. Arlington and Roberts return from the doctors and accidently pass the cemetery that Kane is buried. Arlington goes to his grave and finds rose petals leading away. She follows them to edge of the cemetery overlooking a beach in which Janice's dead body is located.

Because the detective found Agent Thomas' body, Tiffany decides to have Emma Waters' grave exhumed. She goes to Sarah Waters (Theresa Chiasson) for permission. The detective arrives at the beach and Henderson finds an interesting connection about the crime scene, and leaves to talk to a contact. (We also find out that Henderson has Asperger's syndrome.)

Roberts takes Arlington home. Henderson arrives at Sadie Watson's (Mary Fleming) house, a woman who has the ability to talk to the dead and shows her the crime scene photos. They discuss an old resurrection ritual that the crime scene looks similar to called the "Red Circles". Hartt and Jones interview a neighbor near the house they found the bloody shower who identifies Elizabeth in a photo. She saw her around the time Janice was supposedly killed. Jones also makes a discovery that the missing officer, Officer King, knew Janice.

Roberts leaves Arlington at her house, and tells her she is leaving for New Hampshire to get away from everything. She tries to convince Arlington to come with her, but she declines. Arlington returns home, but is soon disrupted when there is a knock on her door. She opens it and finds Officer King dying from several stab wounds. He grabs her and tells her to "Stop the Red Circles." He then dies, with Arlington seeing a note on his chest. The note tells her to "Trust No One."

Arlington is interrogated by Tiffany about her recent discovery and questioned about her involvement in the case. Tiffany is convinced Arlington is hiding something. Meanwhile, the detectives are angry about everything that has happened so far. Emma Water's body is exhumed and inside the coffin they find Thomas' body. Jones freaks out and storms off upset that no one is looking for her daughter and just wasting their time with some big game.

Upon leaving, Elizabeth arrives, surrendering herself to the police. Henderson brings Sadie to the station to discuss their take on what Hunter Jackson might be doing. Tiffany dismisses the idea, furious with Henderson.

Elizabeth's past is revealed. We learn that Hunter kidnapped her and kept her hostage in the Waters house. He eventually gets her pregnant and then forces Dr. Warren (Eva Davenport) to help deliver the baby. The detectives interrogate her and find out that not only does she know where Penny is, but also can give the detectives Hunter's location and answers to several other whereabouts of past victims. However, she makes a deal with them to release both Gloria Jackson (Mary C. Ferrara) and Hayley Warren from prison. Jones eventually convinces Tiffany to make the deal, and Warren/Jackson are released.

When Elizabeth goes to give Jones the location of her daughter, she attacks her and manages to get Jones' gun. During the fight, Tiffany is knocked out against the wall and passes out. Elizabeth then turns the gun on herself and shoots herself. Tiffany suddenly wakes up strangely and storms out of the room. Jones and Hartt take off to find Penny. Meanwhile, Arlington finds her mother Miriam (Mary Paolino) at the station. However, she soon learns that its not her mother and instead the spirit of Agent Thomas in her mother's body. Shocked by this discovery, Thomas orders her to go with her because they are running out of time. In the bathroom, it is discovered that Agent Tiffany has also had a change – she is now being controlled by a spirit too.

Jones and Hartt find Penny at an abandoned factory. However, she is locked in a closet. Hartt sees that the door is wired. They both contact the bomb squad. Tiffany arrives at a safe house in which Gloria Jackson is inside. She quickly convinces her to let her inside by giving her a code and telling her a story that only Gloria and Hunter would know. It quickly discovered that Tiffany is now Tom Waters (who was inside Hunter Jackson's body at one time). Inside the house, Dr. Warren is also there. She tells them to stay with the plan and then leaves.

Thomas and Arlington return to the Waters' house. Thomas tells Arlington her mother is just in a deep sleep and not to worry about her. She will answer all her questions soon. The bomb squad arrives and find that Penny's closet is rigged with an explosive. Sadie and Henderson return to Hunter's old house and Sadie speaks with her his deceased mother. She then tells Henderson they must go to the Waters' house for answers.

Detective Erics and Goyle go to Elizabeth's old house after they receive a tip and find Hunter Jackson's dead body in the bathtub.

Hunter's body is taken to the morgue. Tiffany finds out from Agent White where Ben Kane is being kept (apparently, he has been in a deep sleep since Burt Kane was killed and Arlington had left him in the car). Tiffany goes to the safe house and kills the agent and then kidnaps Ben. Meanwhile, Thomas explains the afterlife to Arlington and how Hunter Jackson is trying to resurrect his dead son. However, he has cursed everyone in doing this and everyone is in danger unless they create a spell of their own to counter it.

Detective Goyle (Evan Konstantine) meets up with Dr. Avery at the station who has come to see if everyone is okay since they found Hunter. They go to the morgue to check on everything. Detective Erics finds Sarah Waters, which is hoping to see Hunter's body. Erics lets her, but while they are viewing the body Dr. Warren storms the morgue killing a medical assistant and holding everyone else hostage by gunpoint. Goyle and Avery also arrive and are also taken captive. However, Warren shoots Erics killing her.

Sadie and Henderson arrive at the house and are confused to find Arlington there. They eventually force their way in, but when Sadie sees Thomas she starts screaming and goes into a trance collapsing to the floor.

Back at the factory, the bomb squad leader, Agent Beck (Joe DiSalvatore) and Agent Beth (Monica Saviolakis), discover that the bomb is controlled by a remote. They try to disconnect the wire, but suddenly a cell phone rings inside the closet. Penny answers the phone and is ordered that everyone leave the bomb alone and go outside. They exit the building (except for Beth who stays behind) to find Gloria Jackson with her finger on the remote and ordering everyone to give her their guns. She takes them hostage.

Meanwhile, in the morgue, Warren orders the medical examiner to remove both Hunter's and Erics' heart, and prepare for a heart transplant. When she refuses, Warren shoots her in the hands. When she is about to shoot someone else, Dr. Avery agrees to do it. Warren then points the gun and Sarah Waters and pushes her out of the room.

Back at the Waters' house, Sadie overcomes her trance and whispers something in Thomas' ear. Arlington finds the ghost of Elizabeth in the house who tells her that Hunter killed her then took over her body to get to Tiffany. Arlington then learns that Ben Kane is missing and convinces Henderson to help her track them down before its too late.

We begin to see "flashfowards" to the year 2022, in which someone who lives in the Waters' house is babysitting a boy. His name is Michael.

Gloria continues to hold everyone hostage while she waits for orders from someone. Warren tells the others that she is doing this to bring her lover, Officer Ron, back from the dead - that Hunter had all the answers for her. Henderson and Arlington track Tiffany's whereabouts to Kane's old apartment. They follow her there, however Tiffany is hiding from them behind a tree. She fires her gun killing Henderson and holds Arlington captive. They both hold guns at each other until Tiffany reminds her that she knows where Ben Kane is. Arlington drops her gun and Tiffany knocks her out.

Sadie and Thomas prepare for their spell that will involve Arlington when she returns. In 2022, Michael wakes up the next morning and is taken to a funeral by an officer. Back in present day, Jones pleads with Gloria to save her daughter. She eventually grabs her gun and begs Gloria to kill her instead. Agent Beck is able to get to his phone and secretly call Agent Beth to walk her through how to diffuse the bomb after seeing Gloria's remote.

Arlington wakes up to find Tiffany attempting a ritual spell on Ben Kane who is still in a deep sleep. Tiffany tries to defend her actions on killing people to save his son, who is being tortured in the afterlife, but Arlington doesn't respond. Tiffany performs the spell thinking that the Red Circles will work this time. However, Ben Kane awakes from his sleep and is still himself and not Bobby. She then learns that Arlington is pregnant and become furious. Angry, she goes to kill Ben but Arlington is able to escape and attacks her.

She restrains Tiffany and brings her back to the Waters' house with Ben. Gloria gets a call from Warren who is about to complete a ritual of her own by using Erics' heart inside Hunter's. body However, when she goes to restart the heart with diffibulators, nothing happens. Gloria is angry by this and freaks out at Jones. Jones tries to talk her down but upsets her even more causing her to set the bomb off with the remote by breaking it on the ground. Hartt is able to restrain Gloria and arrest her.

Luckily, Agent Beth was able to diffuse the bomb before Gloria destroyed the remote. Jones is reunited with her daughter. Meanwhile, at the morgue, Warren is angry that her plan didn't work either and points her gun at Dr. Avery. However, Goyle is able to attack Warren and get the gun away from her and restrain her. During all the commotion, Hunter Jackson wakes up with no recollection of what happened to him.

In 2022, Michael arrives at the funeral, to all the other detectives. Jones is with her daughter (now and Officer) and Hartt. He then walks up and finds his mother, Sophie Arlington, at Burt's grave. They all are there to attend the funeral of Sarah Waters who recently died.

In the present day, Arlington returns with Tiffany's body. When Arlington enters the house, Thomas knocks her out. She wakes up in the backyard surrounding by a circle of lamps and a red circle painted on her stomach. She is tied to the ground next to Tiffany who is angry and trying to escape. Thomas and Sadie are chanting strange language and throwing salt at the women. Arlington begs Thomas to tell her what's going on, but she refuses. But, she does eventually tell her that everything is about to change and the Red Circles should stop.

No one will remember a thing and she needs to allow it all to happen. Everything goes to black and the ladies vanish.

In 2022, Michael and Arlington return from the funeral. Arlington talks to Michael about how lucky he is was to be born and wishes he could know everything about what it was like around the time she was pregnant with him; "things that no one would believe". Michael and Arlington go to sleep.

During the night, Arlington wakes up to find her bathroom light on and her shower going. She enters the bathroom and finds it covered in blood; someone then pushes her into it. Arlington looks at them and exclaims; "It didn't work!" The person then lowers a knife and walks towards her as she sits helplessly in the bloody shower. The next morning, Officer Penny arrives to pick up Michael for school and finds the house empty. She reports to her dispatcher (the same way that Officer Ron does in Episode 1). She makes her way to the bathroom and screams for help.

During the investigation, Sophie Arlington uncovers more about the motivation of her father's suicide. Arlington soon comes face to face with the ghost of Emma Waters who shows her the events leading up to her son's death. Arlington is also given a warning that it isn't a coincidence that Catherine and Matthew have faced the same fate. She is told that since the 90s, the same events will occur over and over again unless Arlington can figure out how to stop it. Arlington and her team are trapped in a murderous repetitive cycle (known as a "Red Circle") that could soon curse everyone that comes in contact with it.

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