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Wendy Hartman Joins Family Problems

Last month, actress Wendy Hartman was cast to play the role of Detective Rebecca Ellison in the web series, Family Problems.

“I was elated when I got the role, because I auditioned for a different one. So, I wasn’t expecting it.” Said Hartman.

She will be appearing in the season one finale and all of the upcoming episodes in season two that will air next year.


Detective Ellison appears in both 2012 and 2044. Her character is very important to the Solloway Family. However, her character definitely doesn’t get along with Molly (Theresa Chiasson).

“She is not a bad person but she has things from her past that cause her to come off that way. She may do some bad things, but she has a purpose behind it. She’s a bad guy with a heart.” Hartman explained about her character.

Ellison is also connected to Detective Christina Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) in 2044. She is more villainous during that time.

“I’m not used to playing a villain, but I am excited about how the audience will respond to her. I’m not saying she is totally evil, she does have her good moments, but she does have a dark side. It’s just going to be how the audience perceives her.”

Hartman, along with the other cast members playing detectives, have been rehearsing all month to prepare for their roles. Each of them has been required to be a part of extensive police training courses and table work sessions to really understand their characters.

“Wendy and I talk for hours about Ellison. She really wants to get inside her head and understand where the character is coming from,“ said Creator Seth Chitwood.

“I’m really looking forward to approaching this character on many levels. My greatest challenge will be playing her in both her 40s and 70s. Not just physically, but where the character has been over the past thirty years and how that has changed her,” said Hartman.

The season finale of Family Problems, titled "Unburied”, is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, May 5th at 9:00pm EST. The finale will leave the audience hanging. Not only will Ellison be introduced into the plot, but also there are definitely going to be some shocking discoveries. It will prepare you for what is to come in season two.

“All the characters have their own secrets; Ellison is no exception, she definitely has some big ones,” Hartman continues; “I’m just so thrilled to be apart of this show.“

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