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[SPOILER ALERT] If you didn’t catch the RED CIRCLES mid-way season finale? Watch it here:

The final five minutes of the most recent episode of Red Circles, gave us some crazy insight into what is in store for the rest of the season. If you are confused, don’t worry. It’ll make sense when the series returns on Dec. 2nd. In the season two finale, we found out that Agent Thomas was actually Emma Waters and Hunter Jackson was actually her husband, Tom. We live in a world in which spirits can take over bodies – a theme that would be important for this season. I mean, once you have a “spiritual adviser” (Sadie Watson) on the team, you should start to believe it.

Well, in the finale, it seems that two (maybe three) bodies were taken over by spirits. Did Elizabeth seem off? Although she may have killed herself in the mid-way finale, her story didn’t end there. In fact, she will be back in an upcoming episode. However, after a the fight in the interrogation room…..Tiffany also seems off. In the bathroom; Tiffany cleans herself off, looks in the mirror, and says; “I’m coming for you, Bobby”. WHAT?

However, it seems that Tiffany isn’t the only one who may be different. Miriam Arlington returned to see her daughter, but she also seems off. It’s not until they’re leaving that Arlington calls her “Erica”. Yes, she means the late Agent Erica Thomas!

What does this mean for the upcoming episodes? Miriam Arlington is Agent Thomas & Tiffany is Tom Waters!? It just means for one crazy story.

When the series returns in December, Jones/Hartt also have the location of Penny and they are off looking for her. But, Jones has one more obstacle to face before she can be back with her daughter.

Now is the time to get caught up on what you’ve missed. Check out the first six episodes of RED CIRCLES here!

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