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Today for Red Circles

After this blog post; I’ll post the preview that was posted on facebook earlier tonight. So, after a few issues that went down, new episodes of Red Circles return next Sunday. So no new episode tomorrow night, sorry. You’ll have to wait another week, but I promise it’ll be worth it. Episode 6 really sets the plot for the final episodes of the season. Especially the last minute of the episode will leave you hanging. I’ll give you a small spoiler; it has to do with Burt Kane. Now (with the change) Red Circles season 2 will be on March 4th. All I can say…HUGE cliff hanger! CRAZY ending. And I think that everyone can’t wait for people to see it, we shot it in July, and we’ve been keeping our mouths absolutely closed, I don’t think anyone has said a peep. Nothing to no one. But, I think we’re dying to say something. Just another month and a half wait, guys!

I did edit a small preview for everyone, so I hope you take a look. I’m still making the transition to Adobe, so this was created on Roxio. But, I think it’s time for the change. Roxio was slower then ever today, and editing was a nightmare. I was ready to give up on the entire series. Just kidding. It’s definitely time for a new editing software! I was rendering all day today, which meant sitting and watching all the scenes shot and loading them into the computer. They were a mix of scenes from Season 2 and Season 3, as well as, World’s Worst Director footage. All of which look really good. I’m very excited. I also hope to have a promo for World’s Worst Director next week. We are planning to go live with the full “World’s Worst” website in two weeks! We have filming tomorrow at 9:00am. Filming the last bit of Season 2 scenes. Arlington, Jones, Penny, Erics, Davis, and Warren…I beleive? (I think I might be forgetting someone.) Then I’ll be finishing up the rendering.

WPRO was a blast today. Bekah is great! Corey and I had so much fun, and I think the interview went really well. She actually played a few clips from the show, which no radio show has done before. Sadly, the mini-pess tour is over. But, I hope we book more apperances in February. We need to get more newspapers to do stories, that’s on my list.  I hope you watch the Golden Globes at 8:00. I can’t wait, I look forward to all the award shows every year. I try and watch all the movies. TONIGHT, my mother and I saw The Artist at the Avon Theater, and loved it. It was really good. It’s a silent film, about a famous silent film actor who loses his fame and career when silent films ended and “talkie” films began. It was just really well done. It gave me a little bit of inspiration, not going to lie. Call is early tomorrow so I must prepare and try and get a few hours of sleep. That’s all for Red Circles.

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