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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Lots of filming today. Very cold. At one point it was 9 degrees. We filmed outside for most of our scenes, and for the most part, it was us quickly doing the scene then running to either the warm car or back to the house to unfreeze our hands. We would then go over the next scene, block it, make sure we’re all ready, then run outside and film the next scene. Rinse and Repeat all day long. What made things worse…. Season 2 scenes are summer setting, meaning my poor actors couldn’t wear jackets, gloves, or scarves. I’m so sorry, guys! But we’re done. We actually had some good scenes today, nothing “crazy” dramatic. Just a few transitions scenes, I like to call them. Scenes to further the plot, or to go from one scene to the next. Fillers, I guess? But, just because we didn’t film any "meaty" scenes today….doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I’m telling you; “just you wait.” We’re so close to wrapping season 2, only a few scenes left then we’re done. I can’t believe how long it took. We would’ve been done, but due to some issues we had to undergo a few re-writers for the final few episodes of the season.

On Tuesday, I am departing for New York City for three days. So, I’ll be away from my computer taking a well-deserved Red Circles vacation. I’m releasing the full schedule, TOMORROW! So, I just need to do a few edits and changes then I’m good to go. It’ll be great to have the official full schedule. Something I won’t have to worry about again…if everyone sticks to the schedule accordingly! I just sent out my e-mails to a few new cast members, but we are still making some final decisions for the few roles left to fill. Officially, our Season 3 cast consists of 48 actors AND in Red Circles history that concludes a TOTAL of 63 actors/actresses cast in the series. WOW!

Golden Globes were great tonight. I don’t have a lot to comment, just that Viola Davis didn’t win. The one time I don’t root for Meryl Streep, she wins! Still, congrats to her. I need to see Iron Lady. I knew George Clooney AND The Decendants would win. Great movie! Also congrats to The Artist, they deserved their win. Fantastic movie. Also congrats to Octavia Spencer who deserves all the recognition she is getting, she is an amazing performer in everything she does.

Back to editing and rendering tomorrow. Lunch with Corey and her boyfriend at 2:00pm. I’m looking forward to that. That’s all for Red Circles.

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