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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Today we filmed a few more scenes for Season 2 and several scenes for Season 3. We were filming in Warwick, Rhode Island. Actually, we were at Corey Arruda’s (who plays Sophie Arlington) house. It was a fun shoot.

Tomorrow, we are filming in Warren, Rhode Island. We are filming later in the afternoon before the Super Bowl. GO PATS! It’s a scene for Episode 9. No new episode of Red Circles tomorrow night. The final four episodes start next Sunday. I promise, every Sunday a new episode leading up to the finale. It’s going to be CRAZY!

The World’s Worst Director promo premiered last night. Check it out at: It’s sooo amazing. I love how it came out, and I hope it promotes interest in the series!

After a full 10 HOUR day of filming, I’m so tired. Back to editing tomorrow. We also held auditions a few weeks ago, that I need to sit down and make decisions about tomorrow. I think we have just about successfully completed our casting for Season 3. How exciting!

That all for Red Circles.

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