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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Nothing much to say as far as Red Circles. But, for me, earlier tonight I was in a small car accident. I was rushed to the emergency room after hitting my head on the steering wheel. I’m okay, and was cleared by the doctor. I can’t get into the facts of the accident at this time, but the car wasn’t terribly damaged. Tomorrow I’m still planning on appearing on WPRO, so please listen at 1:30pm. The show is called: “This Week in Entertainment with Bekah Berger”. Corey Arruda (Sophie Arlington) will be on the show, as well. We are then filming on Sunday. I still think that Episode 6 will premiere (as planned) on Sunday. I was drafting out the dates today; the season 2 finale is scheduled for February 26th. (Season 3 starts in September.) Anyway, I’m very tired and still a little shaken. I will update you with more tomorrow. That’s all with Red Circles.

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