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Today for Red Circles

Hello! So, I have to apologize for not updating this blog regularly with my responses. For the past two weeks, I’ve been consumed in Red Circles filming, editing, and other work. I’ve had NO time. I feel absolutely horrible that I had to sacrifice the blog posts. I’m not saying that I have time now (this week is just as crazy and stressful), but I did have a second so I thought I would update. SPOILER ALERTS (have you watched up to Episode 20?)

So, I haven’t posted since Episode 19 and Episode 20 was released. Who’s excited for the Season 2 finale THIS Sunday at 9:00pm EST. Episode 21 – “No Forgiveness” will definitely answer a few questions before leaving you with a very shocking final scene. It will definitely set you up for Season 3. In fact, there will be a few GIANT bombshells dropped this Sunday. There is a scene that will completely surprise you and give you a long 6-month to try and figure out what the hell it means.

So, first….I’ve wanted to say this since the beginning of Season 2….and now I can. THOMAS is Emma Waters. Yes, the famous 1990s Emma Water. The whole season (since she was shot by Arlington) she was Emma Waters. I think she played the role beautifully. Expect to hear the whole story in this week’s episode.

We found so much out about characters in the past two weeks. I also can finally say that Dr. Warren was Officer Johnson’s killer and that Detective Jones’ mother, Kendra Jones, murdered Mary (Woman in the Shower). I think that this season definitly revealed several answers that no one guessed…or at least I got from the comments I received over the past week. Everyone thought it was going one way, and then BAM, it went another. I think Dr. Warren was the biggest shock for a lot of people. Now, in Episode 20, she is showing her evil side. I also think Eva Davenport (Dr. Warren) did a great job portraying Dr. Warren this season. She always showed that hint of mystery to her, and if you go back, you can see a lot of her gestures and the way she acted in scenes, that could’ve told you from the start that she was “the mole”.

These past few episodes have refrenced a lot of things from past episodes. I encourage you to go back and watch the episodes with all the new information you’ve received now. It’ll totally enhance how to view each character now that you know the truth behind them. It’ll also prepare you for the finale (or season 3). Everything that happens on this show has a purpose and is important somehow. Pay attention to detail and every little thing. As proved in last week’s episode, even a scene between Thomas and Tiffany (which was only one hint of many) that Thomas was Emma.

We also found out where Roberts was all this time. She was held hostage in Dr. Warren’s basement. Although you won’t find out exactly what happened to Roberts during the pas six months, in this week’s episode….you’ll definitely see some flashbacks in season 3.

I thought both episode came out very well. I’m impressed with everyone’s performances. The past few episodes, I’ve felt, have been strong. It could’ve been the change of editing software….but it could also just be that we’re finally giving out some answers and the plots of each episode are very intense. How about this week’s ending. Chills!!!!!

Quick congrats to all the Oscar Winners this past Sunday. Congrats to Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer for well-deserved oscar wins! Outstanding performances. Though, she didn’t win, also to Viola Davis for just being an amazing actress. I am currently watching “United States of Tara”….amazing show. I just saw Viola Davis in her 6-episode arch. She’s just amazing at everything.

Make sure to watch the SEASON 2 FINALE this Sunday at 9:00pm EST. Go to to see a preview and other information about the show.

That’s all for Red Circles

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