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  • Seth Chitwood

The Interrogation to Watch!

This Sunday is the SEASON FINALE of Family Problems and it will definitely leave you hanging. However, you will also learn some surprising facts in one of the most stressful interrogation scenes this season has yet to see.


Detective Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) pushes Molly (Theresa Chiasson) for answers; the hardest that she has ever done. She wants answers (and so does the audience). However, Molly pushes back and reveals a few surprising facts that Elliot may not have expected.

“It gets heated,” says creator Seth Chitwood; “There is a big reveal, so prepare yourself for it. It’s a surprise!”

The big reveal will make way for the second season. So, grab a tissue box and get ready for the finale this Sunday at 9pm EST.

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