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  • Seth Chitwood

Testing: The Series SEASON TWO returns September 1

The mysterious horror series will return with its second half of season two on Friday, September 1 at 9:00pm EST. The scheduled ten episodes will air every Friday until the season two finale in November.

The series revolves around a set of male patients being experimented on by a group of nurses and doctors. Who will survive? Starring: Casey Grace Murtagh, Jenny Tyrrell, Dana Wine, Heather Stapleton, Charlie Alejandro, Evan Croker, Jared Contrada, Joel Michael-Martin, Maureen Vlaco, and Judith Maloney. Stephanie Eaton and Bradley Rhodes have also been upgraded to season regulars. 

Angelwood Pictures and Beantown Statie Production Company produce the chilling series.

Check out some sneak peek photos for the upcoming new season!

Behind on the series? You can get caught up on the first fifteen episodes here:

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