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  • Seth Chitwood

‘Testing: The Final Season’ delayed again to early-2022

Testing: The Series delayed again to early-2022. This horror series, that has faced several production delays due to issues with COVID-19, will once again delay its release. 

The season four finale premiered on July 5, 2019. It has been over two years since new episodes have been produced. The series, which was renewed for a fifth and final season completed around 60% of its production before it halted productions in March 2020.

It has been unable to resume filming for numerous reasons including an issue with cast availability.

The series is about test patients trying to survive a mysterious trial through the Moloch Corporation. The final season revolves a last ditch effort to expose the company to the public.

The production is produced by Angelwood Pictures and Beantown Statie Production Company. The series stars Dana Wine, Ulisses Gonsalves, Stephanie Eaton, Devon Padley,  Frank Czarnwoski,  Paul Noonah, Theresa Chiasson, Anthony Guadette, Tony Ramos Wright, and Maureen Vlaco.

It’s written and directed by Seth Chitwood. Cinematography By Seng2KX.

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