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  • Seth Chitwood

Sean Dominic, Leslie Trentalange replace two leads of CODE 13: UNREADABLE


Angelwood Pictures announced today that it will be replacing two of its leads with Sean Dominic and Leslie Trentalange. Dana Wine also joins the cast as Detective Amy Rodriguez.

SEAN DOMINIC: Film: Cal & V, Tinder in the Night, Wait of a Feather, Re-Discovering Fanon, The Workout, TV: Royal Pains, Meet me at the Alter, According to Him and Her, First Dates, Call Me, The Ladies Room, Theater: A Raisin in the Sun, Kilimanjaro,

LESLIE TRENTALANGE: Film: Heavenly Angle, Lunch Lady, Neptune, Soft Greed, Death Gets Her Man, Bad Kid, Theater: Steel Magnolias (Shelby), The Valentine Fairy, Sylvia (Sylvia), First Night, On Golden Pond, Agnes of God

Dominic will play Detective Jason Martins and Trentalange will play Detective Jessica ‘Mom’ McNamara. They replace former cast members; Damien Chinappi and Wendy Hartman.

Dana Wine will play the partner to Detective Rojas (JP Valenti). Last month, Valenti was recently added to the cast playing an undercover detective from the drug unit.


DANE WINE: Film: Detective Johnson, Black Mass, Split Ends, Grenada, Angelo’s Revenge, TV: Our Backyard (Host), Theater: Independence, Vagina Monologues

Dominic, Trentalange, and Wine join stars Pamela Jayne Morgan, Alaina Gianci, Timothy R. O’Malley, Ariel Zukerkman, Stephanie Eaton, JP Valenti, Frank Czarnowski, Nathan Johnson, and Jennifer Fillingame.

Richard Chandler, Jeremy Roth-Rose, Gia Dill, Brooke Solomon, Tanja Melendez Lynch, Paula Dellatte, Peter Morse, Ralph Regine, Maureen Vlaco, David Lacreta, Josh Brogadir, Ralph Regine and Alison Wachtler also star. 

The film is written by Seth Chitwood and Charlie Alejandro. The production is in direct affiliation with CPG-CP Group Training & Security. Casting by Jan Waldman and AP Casting. Production begins June 2016. A premiere date is planned for Winter 2017.

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