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Rob Floyd Cast as Mr. Elliot, Lilly Actress Replaced

With only three months away from the new season of Family Problems, we are thrilled to announce that fans will be learning more about Christina Elliot’s (Natasha Hatalsky) family. Rob Floyd has been cast to play the detective’s late husband, Vincent. Meanwhile, the web series gets a last minute cast change as a new actress steps into the role of Lilly.

“It’s so exciting to finally give the audience a peek at what makes Elliot tick! We now get to show Elliot’s softer side and her vulnerability. She is wonderfully, and tragically, human.” Said Natasha Hatalsky.

Rob Floyd was cast in May to take on the role. “We loved him right away. He read with Natasha and they had perfect chemistry!” Director/Creator Seth Chitwood explained on his decision to cast Floyd. “We have one more day of filming with him, but his scenes have been great. It’s a different side for Christina that comes out in these flashbacks.”

“The first seasons only show Elliot in the present as this tough-as-nails cop, but it’s really her past that haunts and drives her every decision.” Hatalsky added.

“Natasha and I worked together on a short film called The Bird Catcher where we played a married couple with…well…problems.” Floyd remarked. “Working with Natasha has been a very visceral experience. Natasha has been immersed in this character and the story for a long time and she has a way of playing her character so close to her heart and with such passion.”

“He’s a lovely person [Floyd] and wonderfully communicative actor, and we were blessed to discover a splendid chemistry together when playing Elliot and Vincent. It was great to work with him.” Hatalsky added.

However, Floyd was not the only new member to be added to the Elliot family. Due to production schedules: the actress playing Elliot’s daughter, Lilly (Lilia Smyth), had to be replaced.

“It’s always a tough decision you have to make when you learn an actress won’t be able to return to the series…” Chitwood explained. “Lilly is a huge part of Elliot’s life, and we couldn’t just ship her off to boarding school for the season. Instead, we searched for a similar looking actress to step in.”

“Working with Lilia was a gift. She is an amazing person as well as a wonderful actress. We were so sorry she had to leave, but we were overjoyed at the unique opportunity presented to her that took her away from us.” Hatalsky explained.

Avery Evans was cast to play Lilly Elliot this season.

“Avery came in mid-stream, and right into some of the most charged scenes between Lilly and her mother (Elliot). She did a lovely job with creating a Lilly that was fully her own—different, but equally complex and interesting.” Hatalsky added.

“It was a smooth transition. I think the audience will accept her as the new character.” Chitwood stated.

We learned last season, that some of Elliot’s passions and devotion comes from her missing friend, Carrie. However, her family plays a significant part as well. A large part of the season is dedicated to learning more about Detective Elliot’s past and how much her family influences her.

“Family Problems: Season Four” premieres on Thursday, March 26th at 9:00pm EST. To get caught up on the season go to:

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