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Official Presenters Announced for 2nd Annual Angel Awards

Check out the OFFICIAL PRESENTERS for the upcoming 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards on June 3.

Join us at the RISD Museum hosted by Frank O’Donnell. A night of showcasing and awarding actors and crew for their hard work. Plus the Golden Angel Surprise Recipient and James R. Zuckerman Special Achievement Award to Maureen E. Vlaco.

Join us for the black-tie VIP Red Carpet and Cocktail Hour (catered by Cozy Caterers) arrival at 5:30pm. There will also be an exclusive raffle.


Outstanding Lead Actress Presented By Carol Patton (Imagine Magazine)

Outstanding Youth Performer Presented By Anne Mulhall (LDI Casting)

Outstanding Guest Actor & Outstanding Guest Actress Presented By Steven Feinberg (RI Film & TV Office) Outstanding Ensemble Cast Presented By Erica Derrickson (Hollywood East Actor Group)

Outstanding Background Performer Presented By Angela Harrer (NewTV, The Folklorist)

Outstanding Supporting Actor Presented By Paula Dellatte (1st Angel Award Supporting Actress recipient)

Outstanding Supporting Actress Presented By Tony Ramos Wright (1st Angel Award Lead Actor recipient)

The Golden Angel Award Presented By Jan Waldman (Entertainment Plus)

Outstanding Lead Actor Presented By Ellen Levenson (1st Angel Award Lead Actress recipient)

Outstanding Cinematography Presented By Chris Esper  (1st Angel Award Guest Director recipient)

Outstanding Performance By A Dayplayer Presented By Wendy Hartman (1st Angel Award Dayplayer recipient)

Outstanding Original Song Presented By Mary C. Ferrara (1st Angel Award Guest Actress recipient)

Special “Code 13: Unreadable” Sneak Peek Presented By Pamela Jayne Morgan & Frank Czarnowski (Code 13: Unreadable)

“The Blooper Reel” Presented By Michele Mortensen (Testing)

“Testing: The Series” Trailer Presented By Charlie Alejandro (1st Angel Award Guest Writing recipient)

“The Girl in the Attic” Trailer Presented By Tanja Melendez Lynch (The Girl in the Attic)

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