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  • Seth Chitwood

More “In the Bedroom” characters to join “Spin-Off”

Three additional “In the Bedroom” characters will be making guest appearances to the spin-off series. Wife (Maureen Vlaco) from “The Anniversary” and Harry (David Afflick) & Jane (Monica Saviolakis) from “The Insane Wife” will return.

The series will be short web vignettes revolving around the relationship between the characters from “The Snoring Future” episode – Kyle (Charlie Tacker) and Father (Sean McPherson). Vlaco will play Kyle’s grandmother, Eleanor, and his father’s mother-in-law. Saviolakis will play her daughter (Kyle’s aunt and father’s sister-in-law). Afflick will play her husband.

It will be quite the Insane family reunion.

*Harry and Jane come from “The Insane Wife” episode which is about Harry trying to get his wife ready for a wedding. Meanwhile, the wife starts freaking out after seeing spiders, bees, and a mouse in her room. The episode was written by Frank O’Donnell and directed by Seth Chitwood. 

*Eleanor comes from the “The Anniversary” episode which is about a woman about to celebrate her 30th anniversary with her husband. The episode was written by Charlie Alejandro (2015 Angel Award winner) and directed by Bryan Casey. Alejandro will pen at least one episode.

The biggest mystery: Who will be Kyle’s mother? The character will NOT be from the original series. Casting for this role starts next month. A few other roles from the series are expected to make a return and will most likely be connected to Kyle in some fashion.

Catch up on ALL the “In the Bedroom” episodes here:

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